Primary Election Features a Rare Battle for Mayor of Fulton

Mayor Ron Woodward, left, and Common Council member Tom Kenyon.
Mayor Ron Woodward, left, and Common Council member Tom Kenyon.

Fulton’s incumbent Mayor faces a challenge for the Republican party line on November’s ballot from a man who’s been sitting about 10 feet to his left for the past few years.

Mayor Ron Woodward and Common Council member Tom Kenyon will provide the highest-profile fight on a day in which a number of ballot positions in the county’s towns and villages are up for grabs.

Regardless of the outcome of the primary, both men will be on the ballot in November.

Woodward was cross-endorsed by the Democratic party and will appear on its ballot line.  Kenyon surprised Woodward and observers by winning the important endorsement of the county’s Conservative Party and will appear on the Conservative line on the ballot.

But in a county dominated by Republican party politics, the Republican line is an important predictor of success in an election.

We asked each man four questions Monday night and their answers are below:

Ron Woodward:

Tom Kenyon:

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  1. We need to break up the status quo by electing somebody different other than the present Mayor, we have seen his record over the last eight years first as adm. asst to the prior mayor and now as the mayor. We know how bad that record is the city is in decline and he has done nothing to stop it! He is convinced he is doing a good job, and will not change anything, it is time for new ideas. That starts by cleaning out the incumbent mayor, we city taxpayers cannot afford him!

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