Principal Ciesla Goes “Wild” to Inspire Fairgrieve Readers

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Fairgrieve Principal Jean Ciesla goes “wild over reading”. Ciesla agreed to dress up like a wild animal if students at the school met the reading goal of 14,000 points. Students exceeded the goal and Ciesla followed through on her promise.

Fairgrieve Elementary School’s Morning Express got a little wild this week as Principal Jean Ciesla followed through on her promise to readers at the school. Ciesla and Barb Senecal, Fairgrieve Librarian, set a reading goal of 14,000 points for the school, but students there met and exceeded that goal reaching 15,634 points total. Ciesla agreed to dress up as a wild animal for a day as part of the reward for reading. The top five Accelerated Readers presented Ciesla with a tiger costume at Morning Express for her to wear the entire school day.

“Mrs. Ciesla found out that you can’t wear high heels with tiger feet,” laughed Barb Senecal, Fairgrieve’s librarian as Mrs. Ciesla struggled to get her high heels into the costume. But being a good sport she just removed her shoes and slipped on the tiger feet. After securing the entire costume, body, head, hands and feet, she then went around the gymnasium as the students cheered and gave her “high fives.”

In years’ past Ciesla has “raced to read”, donning a car racing suit and been dunked in a dunking booth to inspire students to read.

“Keep reading!” Jean “Tiger” Ciesla reminded the students as they exited the gymnasium to return to their classes following morning express.