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September 19, 2018

Pritchard, Holmes Named Oswego Kartway Drivers of the Year at Championship Banquet

OSWEGO, NY  – A tremendous crowd gathered on Saturday at Lighthouse Lanes in Oswego to recognize and honor the record number of competitors that participated in the 2016 racing season at Oswego Kartway.

Champions were declared in 28 different categories between the Kartway’s 2016 Driver’s Championship and the second annual Summer Shootout Series.

Jake Holmes would go on to collect Oswego Kartway's Sr. Blue Clone track championship and Summer Shootout title while also being voted as the Kartway's Junior Driver of the Year at Saturday's championship banquet.

Jake Holmes would go on to collect Oswego Kartway’s Sr. Blue Clone track championship and Summer Shootout title while also being voted as the Kartway’s Junior Driver of the Year at Saturday’s championship banquet.

Among those drivers recognized were Kartway track champions Ricky Pritchard and Jake Holmes, who were voted on as Kartway Drivers of the Year by their competitors.

Prichard, a double track champion in 2016 in State Clone Light and Heavy, was voted as the Sr. Driver of the Year while Holmes, the Sr. Blue Clone champion, was voted as the Jr. Driver of the Year.

Both Pritchard and Holmes would also be declared Summer Shootout champions in their respective divisions joining Jason Parkhurst Jr. (Jr. Green Clone), Griffin Miller (Jr. Blue Clone), Logan Crisafulli (Jr. Purple Clone), Paul Fountaine (Masters), Eric Raponi (Clone Heavy), Thomas Montgomery (Clone Medium), John Trenca (Clone Light), Zach Mooney (Stock Medium), Ross Spilman (Clone Super Heavy), Jacob Hutton (Sr. Green Clone), and Tucker Fenske (Jr. Novice) as Shootout champions.

The Summer Shootout series consisted of three special events in the month of July.

In the race for the season long track championship Fenske would go on to score the Jr. Novice track title over rookies Mason Beshures, Ricky Malone, and Savannah Emmons.

Parkhurst would score the Jr. Green title in a tight race over Emma Spaulding and Cole Combes.

Crisafulli raced to the overall Jr. Purple Clone championship in a very competitive race with Hunter Hollenbeck, Madison Myers, Kyle Devendorf, and TJ Clayton.

Brittney Hackett and Ryan Dennison put on a great season long battle in Sr. Green Clone with Hackett ending as champion.

Miller enjoyed a fantastic season in Jr. Blue Clone running away with the track championship over Cameron Rowe Jr., Cassidy Philips, Brandin Emmons, and Caleb Spaulding.

Holmes and David Hackett Jr. battled back and forth all season long in the race for the Sr. Blue Clone title with Holmes eventually winning out over Hackett, Justin Pier, Carl Emmons III, and Devon Tonkin.

After starting the season hot Pritchard held on to the championship in the newly formed State Clone Heavy division for 2016 over stout runners Josh Ostrander, Jamie Shutts, Dominic Cianfarano, and Chance Weaver.

Prichard managed to double down in the championship category also claiming the State Clone Light title over Chris Pier, Shutts, Tim Campbell, and Jake Sivers.

Spilman dominated the Clone Super Heavy championship over Matt Fay and Fountaine with Raponi cleaning house in Clone Heavy over Joe Hayden, Kyle Vincent, Teddy Clayton, and Dave Mattiaccio.

Despite missing one event Mooney was the Stock Medium champion in the Kartway’s only flathead division beating out Tom Perrin, Sivers, and Rick Crisafulli.

Mooney would also be declared a Kartway Triple Crown champion having won the King of the Kartway, Battle at the Bullring, and the Kartway Classic all in Stock Medium.

John Palmieri held on to win a tough Clone Light division in 2016 beating out a hard charging Trenca, Seth Perrin, Hunter Lawton, and Brandon Philips.

Rusty Natoli came on to win the first ever Masters track championship over Fountaine and Barry Goodney.

Dave Demling had a great season in Clone Medium, driving to the track title over Trevor Bellinger, Montgomery, Aaron LaTulip, and Nick Sitterly.

The awards banquet concluded with the annual presentation of the Kartway’s Rewards Program awards including two brand new Slack Xpect chassis from Performance Manufacturing and Mike Babcock Racing, a set of wheels and tires from Burris Racing Tire, and a clone motor build from RJ Kart Sales.

Drivers with perfect attendance through the Kartway’s regular season were eligible to win the Xpect chassis while drivers missing one race were eligible to win the wheels and tires and drivers missing two races eligible for the clone motor.

Jason Parkhurst Jr. and Robert Mayfield were randomly drawn as the winners of the Slack Xpect chassis with Kali Spaulding collecting the set of wheels and tires from Burris and Dennison winning the RJ Kart Sales clone motor build.

For more information on Oswego Kartway visit online at www.oswegokartway.com, like on Facebook, or follow on Twitter.

To speak with a Kartway representative call the Oswego Speedway box office at (315) 342-0646.

Oswego Kartway 2016 Championship Standings (Regular Season, Top Five):

Sr. Green Clone
1 14 Brittney Hackett 1032
2 33 Ryan Dennison 942
3 7 Jacob Hutton 777
4 49 Logan Sevigny 494
5 19 Tyler Emmons 308

Jr. Green Clone
1 38 Jason Parkhurst 1099
2 16 Emma Spaulding 1062
3 55 Cole Combes 1048
4 20 Parker Allen 790

Jr. Purple Clone
1 88 Logan Crisafulli 1071
2 72 Hunter Hollenbeck 1042
3 601 Madison Myers 969
4 5 Kyle Devendorf 967
5 63 TJ Clayton 927

Jr. Blue Clone
1 9 Griffin Miller 1069
2 7R Cameron Rowe Jr. 997
3 81 Cassidy Philips 969
4 O9 Brandin Emmons 910
5 22S Caleb Spaulding 884

Sr. Blue Clone
1 21H Jake Holmes 1046
2 82 David Hackett Jr. 1036
3 OO Justin Pier 996
4 3 Carl Emmons III 935

5 7 Devon Tonkin 933

Stock Medium
1 111 Zach Mooney 991
2 16 Tom Perrin 988
3 18 Jake Sivers 953
4 20 Rick Crisafulli 936
5 24 Alyssa Swartz 444

1 55 Rusty Natoli 990
2 29 Paul Fountaine 967
3 51 Barry Goodney 951
4 88 Chris Parker 800
5 56 Larry Kaylor 724

Clone Light
1 27J John Palmieri 1021
2 99 John Trenca 1007
3 O1 Seth Perrin 1005
4 61 Hunter Lawton 990
5 5 Brandon Philips 924

Clone Medium
1 71 Dave Demling 1038
2 21 Trevor Bellinger 1020
3 24 Thomas Montgomery 1017
4 27 Aaron LaTulip 856
5 79 Nick Sitterly 812

Clone Heavy
1 83 Eric Raponi 1097
2 5 Joe Hayden 1018
3 32 Kyle Vincent 948
4 63 Teddy Clayton 932
5 96 Dave Mattiaccio 788

Clone Super Heavy
1 R99 Ross Spilman 1089
2 3 Matt Fay 1008
3 8F Paul Fountaine 865
4 10X Jason Moll 485
5 2 Jamie Shutts 463

State Clone Light
1 26 Ricky Pritchard 994
2 85 Chris Pier 962
3 2 Jamie Shutts 922
4 2C Tim Campbell 908
5 18 Jake Sivers 878

State Clone Heavy
1 26 Ricky Pritchard 1020
2 41J Josh Ostrander 1002
3 2 Jamie Shutts 932
4 5 Dominic Cianfarano 861
5 45 Chance Weaver 832

Jr. Novice Green Clone
1 95 Tucker Fenske 1105
2 11 Mason Beshures 1019
3 13J Ricky Malone 1009
4 22S Savanna Emmons 911
5 61 Joshua Hutchison 369

Oswego Kartway Drivers of the Year

Senior Driver of the Year
2013 – Dan Kapuscinski
2014 – Eric Raponi
2015 – Seth Baum
2016 – Ricky Pritchard

Junior Driver of the Year
2013 – Josh Ostrander
2014 – Seth Perrin/Carl Emmons III
2015 – Carl Emmons III
2016 – Jake Holmes

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