Project Lifesaver to the Rescue

OSWEGO, NY – Project Lifesaver, otherwise known as electronic technology to locate missing persons, appears to be a success in Oswego County.

Recently, a client, approximately 80 years old, from the town of Constantia, who was registered with Project Lifesaver and wearing a transmitting bracelet, went missing one hot, sunny afternoon in June.

As soon as the transmission went out over the air from the E-911 Center, deputies from the Oswego County Sheriff’s Office went into action to search for the man with assistance from members of the Oswego County Search and Rescue Team and a member of the Onondaga County Search and Rescue Team.

After searching a wooded area for a short time, and with a device designed to track the bracelet’s signal, the client was located about a mile from home and safely returned to family members.

This is just one success story that has resulted from Project Lifesaver.

The program, which was initiated in Oswego County in 2011, is basically supported by grant funding and donations, and has proven to be an extremely valuable tool to the families of persons in need of assistance.

This program offers peace of mind to family members to know that if their loved one(s), young or old, wander off and become confused, help is on the way instantly to rescue them.

For a small fee, a personalized, one-ounce battery operated wristband will be placed on the person, which will emit an automatic tracking signal every second, 24 hours a day.

This signal can be tracked by trained personnel on the ground or in the air.

Deputies from the Oswego County Sheriff’s Office visit the homes of enrollees to install the equipment, then return on a monthly basis to check on the equipment and to change out the batteries.

If you have someone who is in need of assistance, you may contact the E-911 Center to enroll your loved one by calling (315) 349-8215 or 1-(800)-679-3911.

To learn more about the program, visit

Keep your loved-ones safe and help to prevent tragedies by enrolling today.