Prom Night In The ’80s? It Was, Like, So Totally Rad

OSWEGO – Director Derek Potocki is calling all (like totally) rad thespians for Theatre Du Jour’s first dinner theatre experience of the 2019 season – the awesome ’80s Prom (winner 2006 Improv Theater Award – “Best Interactive Show”) by Ken Davenport.

All of your favorite characters from your favorite ’80s movies are at The Prom.

From the Captain of the Football Team to the Asian Exchange Student, from the Geek to the hottie Head Cheerleader, they’re all competing for Prom King and Queen.

And just like on American Idol, the audience decides who wins.

Travel back in time and join the breakdance circle or just sit back and watch the ’80s drama unfold.

“…the real appeal of this pleasingly nostalgic night out is that it will allow some members of the Atari generation to experience something once thought impossible – enjoying the high school prom.” – The New York Times.

Character Descriptions:

Blake Williams, the captain of the football team – Charming, egotistical. Everything comes easily to Blake.

Michael Jay, the class president – A preppie young Republican. A Guy-Smiley, game show host type. Born to be a politician.

Lpuis Fensterspock, the nerd – Introverted, computer geek.

Feung Schwey, the Asian exchange student – So happy to be in America. Speaks little English.

Nick Fender, the bad boy – Mean, defensive, obnoxious.

Whitley Whitiker, the head cheerleader – Sexy, bitchy and vain. Popular and proud.

Kerrie Kowalski, the spaz – a sweet but hyper nerd. Wears headgear. In love with Blake Williams.

Melissa Ann “Missy” Martin, the head of the prom committee – Perfect. Way too perky. A goodie-goodie.

Inga Swanson, the Swedish exchange student – Tall and voluptuous. Speaks very little English, but speaks the ‘International Language of Love’ very well.

Dickie Harrington, the drama queen – Flamboyant, fabulous and bitter. Wanted to play the lead in the Spring musical but Missy Martin beat him out.

Mr. Richard “Dick” Snelgrove, the principal – A fascist dictator. Hates Prom night because the students get to have fun.

Mrs. Patty Lascalzo or Mrs. L., the drama teacher – Loves everyone. Treats the students as if they were her friends. A bit of a leftover hippie. The teacher who always let you have class outside.

Heather Wellington (#1), a cheerleader – Whitley’s backup cheerleader. Beef’s girlfriend.

Heather Wynters (#2), another cheerleader – Whitley’s other backup cheerleader. Beef’s other girlfriend.

Joshua “Beef” Beefarowski, a football player – Big and intimidating, but not too bright. The center of the Wanaget High Beavers football team. Blake’s “wing man.”

Johnny Highes, the DJ – Although he’s called a DJ, he doesn’t have anything to do with music. He’s more of an “Emcee.” An extremely charismatic host who can warm up a crowd. A former student, Johnny is back at the Prom as the cheesy host. Keeps the action going all night long.

Lloyd Parker, the freshman – The president of the Audio-Visual Club allowed to come to the Prom to take pictures.

Molly Parker, the freshman;s sister – Lloyd’s tag-along twin sister, although they look nothing alike. A Junior Varsity cheerleader hoping to be like Whitley someday.

The Mystery Guest – an ’80s impersonator.

The Plant – a breakdancer disguised as an audience member.

Auditions are happening on Saturday and Sunday, March16 and 17 from 6-9 p.m. at the Art Loft at 171 W First St. in Oswego.

Please be prepared to read from the script.

The Awesome ’80s Prom will run in late May/June as part of the Tailwater Lodge Theatre Series (May 31), the Eis House Theatre Series (June 6) and The Virgillio’s Event Center Theatre Series (June 14).

Log on to for more info and tickets.


  1. After reading the character descriptions, all I can think is that this sort of entertainment seems to encourage and promote CONTINUED sexism and racism. WHY is the Asian student characterized as someone unable to speak the language? MOST Asian students arriving in America speak better English than Americans speak any other foreign language when they do international study or travel? The drama queen is just another way to put down LBGT population, as it has for far longer than the 80s!

    Maybe this was funny in the 1980s, and a certain population in small town America has never risen from these stereotypes. I suspect THIS comment would insult small town Americans the same way that categorizing diverse populations does. Funny thing about that.

    But I have to say, I was offended just reading the outline of the play. I thought we were past that, but if plays of this style are still out there, I guess we are still telling ethnic and racial jokes that keep those populations ‘in their place!’

    The only thing that helped me with this, is the HOPE that a play like this shows us how far we’ve come. But I’m afraid it won’t. It’s not a question of being PC, but of laughing at those who have struggled long and hard to rise above these stereotypes.

    OF course, this is just one person’s opinion…

    BA with Ethnic Studies Minor

  2. Ethnic Studies: Relax. If you have trouble you may revert to your safe place and have stress cards in hand at the ready should any GenX’er try and tell you this performance looks like a great time. I’ll look forward to not seeing you there.

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