Proud to Serve The United Way

I first became involved with United Way more than seven years ago.  At the time, like most, I had heard of United Way, but I didn’t know exactly what it did. I knew they asked people for money, but what did United Way stand for?  Where were these dollars doing?

Through my work I started to meet people. A family who lost their home to fire was given shelter. Parents could count on safe and caring environments for their children while they work. Seniors had the tools they needed to maintain their independence. All of these things made possible by donations to the United Way.

It soon became very clear to me that United Way does so much more than just ask people for money. United Way is about advancing the common good. It is a movement of people working together with a common vision who are committed to changing conditions in their communities.

This year United Ways across the world are launching a concept called LIVE UNITED. It is a community-wide invitation to get involved – Give. Advocate. Volunteer. That’s what it means to LIVE UNITED. That’s what United Way stands for.

LIVE UNITED is more than a campaign slogan – it is a strategy for the future of the United Way movement and it works. A mother contributes and volunteers at her child’s school cutting drop-out rates. A group of local volunteers share their financial expertise and help a family struggling to make ends meet with their Earned Income Tax Credit. The possibilities are endless if we have the resources.

I am honored to be serving as the chairperson for the United Way of Greater Oswego County’s 2008 / 2009 Campaign.  Together we are embarking on a fundraising campaign that will make so many things possible for our family, friends and neighbors who rely on United Way funded programs every day. We are all facing increased costs on necessities like food and gas. These increases are challenging to us individually. Imagine how they are affecting service organizations and the less fortunate in our community.

Our goal this year is to raise $800,000 and I believe we can do it. On my first day on the job at United Way I was given a good bit of advice – “people give to people – not organizations”.  Take a moment to reflect on your family, friends, and neighbors right here in Oswego County. As campaign chair I ask that you please give generously -people give to people.

Thank you for your support,

Maria Hudson
Campaign Chair
United Way of Greater Oswego County