PSC Action Properly Values Nuclear’s Role in Generating Carbon-free Power; New Yorkers Win and State Will Continue to Be National Clean Energy Leader

To The Editor:
NEW YORK, NY – In conjunction with the New York Public Service Commission’s actions today on the Clean Energy Standard (CES) and in particular the adoption of the zero emissions credit (ZEC) provision pertaining to nuclear power plants, Rob DiFrancesco, Director of New York AREA, issued the following statement.

“New Yorkers are the big winners from the PSC’s very important decision to adopt the ZEC. The PSC and Governor Cuomo are both to be commended for their very positive leadership on this measure.

“The Department of Public Service has documented that the ZEC will preserve $1.7 billion in annual economic benefits for New York, including thousands of jobs and large local, regional and state tax payments. Without the ZEC, upstate nuclear power plants are certain to close and New York would see a dramatic increase in its carbon emissions from power plants, a rise of as much as 15.5 million tons a year.

“New Yorkers win because they keep abundant, clean sources of power that generate billions of dollars in annual economic activity in the state, while preserving emission free nuclear power plants that help the state meet its goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent.”

Rob DiFrancesco, Director of New York AREA

About New York AREA:

Founded in November 2003, the New York Affordable Reliable Electricity Alliance (New York AREA) is a diverse coalition of business, labor, and community groups whose purpose it is to ensure that New York has an ample and reliable electricity supply and economic prosperity for years to come. Entergy, owner of the Indian Point and FitzPatrick nuclear power plants, is a member. New York AREA helps to educate policy makers, businesses, and the general public regarding the necessity and importance of safe, low-cost, reliable, clean electricity.

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