Public Health Volunteers Urged to Register with Health Department

Assemblyman Barclay today urged health care professionals to register with ServNY, a network of health care and mental health professionals willing to volunteer during an emergency or major disaster on behalf of the state. The web-based registry assists the Department of Health in recruiting and deploying volunteers in the hour of need.

“ServNY maintains an updated and reliable listing of volunteers who will be on hand in the event of a major disaster or emergency,” said Barclay. “I encourage any health professional who has an interest or is able to volunteer in the event of an emergency to register. If disaster relief organizers know who to call before a disaster strikes, we improve response time, which can save lives,” added Barclay.

Volunteers may be needed to provide vaccines and assist in the delivery of other essential services to keep New Yorkers as safe as possible in the event of a resurgence of H1N1 influenza, as predicted by health officials. Registering tells the state that health care professionals are willing to volunteer in case of an emergency but does not guarantee that volunteers will be called upon, nor does it mean that volunteers must participate if called.

ServNY web-based registry collects and verifies contact information, professional qualifications, current health care practice information, and other relevant data. When registering, volunteers have the option of signing up for ServNY or for their local volunteer program. The State Department of Health maintains the site. To register, visit