Public Hearing Scheduled On Digital Sign Issue

OSWEGO, NY – At its meeting this week, the Common Council set a public hearing to address placement of high-tech signage in the Port City.

The council set a public hearing for 7:10 p.m. July 11 in the Council Chambers, regarding proposed amendments to Chapter 280 Zoning Section 280-65 – Illuminated and Digital Electronic Signs.

Changes would include replacing “flashing” with “Digital and Electronic” in the title; adding revolving signs to the list of those prohibited (“unless necessary for public safety or traffic control”) and adding digital and/or electronic operated signs shall be allowed only as a steady state light display.

The council authorized the chamberlain to establish the City of Oswego Sewer Enterprise Fund, which is required by the $87 million Consent Decree.

The decree is a contract the city entered with the US Environmental Protection Agency and the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation to bring the city into compliance with state water pollution control laws.

The fund would be the mechanism to keep track of the income and expenses related to the Consent Decree.

In other action, councilors authorized the mayor to sign an agreement with GHD consulting engineers to provide professional services Area 1 sewer rehabilitation (EFC No. C7-6344-19-04) for a lump sum fee of $56,000. The company has submitted a proposal to provide an evaluation and condition assessment of the EFMF and pump station (anticipated EFC No. C7-6344-19-05) for a lump sum fee of $84,000.

He was also authorized to sign agreements for the smoke testing and CCTV inspection of the sanitary sewers, phases one and two of the Westside Sewer System Evaluation Survey (EFC No. C7-6344-19-01).

The low bid ($12,894) for the smoke testing was submitted by Duke’s Plumbing and Sewer Service.

The low bid for the CCTV inspection ($24,163.24) was submitted by National Water Main Cleaning Company.

The city engineer and DPW commissioner were authorized to prepare plans and specifications for a restroom with concession services at the Fort Ontario ball fields.

The council rescinded Resolution No. 198 of June 13, 2011. It was passed containing incorrect information. The resolution, to purchase a used 2001 ambulance with 99,798 miles, was brought to the floor (corrected) and approved.

Resolution No. 208 of June 13, 2011, was also rescinded. The council then authorized the mayor to sign an amended agreement with GHD Consulting Engineers. The previous agreement didn’t include the required Minority and women-owned business Enterprises – Equal Opportunity language required by the Environmental Facilities Corporation for funding consideration. There is no additional cost associated with the language requirement.

Councilors waived the fee required for swim lessons at the Gallagher Pool for the Fresh Air Fund.

They approved a junk yard license for Phillip Gordon and Sons, Inc.

A request by Rita Tickle, personal director, to attend the New York State Public Employers Labor Relations Association annual conference at Saratoga Springs on July 19-22 was also approved.