Public Hearing Set On Oswego Taxi Law Plan

OSWEGO, NY – Following a brief public comment session Monday night, the Common Council approved a public hearing on proposed Local Law No. 6 of the Year 2016, a local law amending Chapter 226, Taxicabs, of the Code of the City of Oswego, NY.

The public hearing shall be held at 7:10 p.m. on Nov. 28 in the Council Chamber of City Hall, 13 W. Oneida St.

Bob Mills, owner and operator of a taxi company in the Port City, applauded the council for its effort to regulate taxis in Oswego.

“I’m actually 110 percent for that,” he said. “It’s something that needs to be done to protect public safety.”

He added that he hopes this isn’t something that goes on the shelf and is forgotten about.

John Gibson, owner of another Oswego taxi company, also expressed his support of the proposed law.

He cited Councilor John Gosek for his hard work in bringing the proposal to the council floor.

Mayor Billy Barlow pointed out that this was something he wanted to accomplish after taking office. However, things got busy; so he asked Councilor Gosek to help out.

The intent of the law is to help local cab drivers become more successful and get rouge cabs off the streets for the public’s safety, the mayor explained.

Gosek offered a recap on the law and what it does.

He thanked the local taxi company owners as well as the police department, other councilors, city attorneys and others who provided him with information for the law.

“This will hopefully address several issues that are really important to public safety,” he said.

Gosek’s proposal includes the license fee for each taxicab or renewal, inspections, fines for violations and more.


  1. Does this help regulate services like Uber in addition to traditional taxi services, or does it exclude and prevent them?

  2. If taxi drivers are upset about Uber taking fares they should use E-HAIL ( same concept but made for them and universal.

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