Public Rally Set To ‘Save FitzPatrick’ And Show Support For Nuclear Power

The James A. Fitzpatrick nuclear plant.
The James A. Fitzpatrick nuclear plant.

SCRIBA – Congressman John Katko, Congressman Richard Hanna, State Senator Patty Ritchie, Assemblyman Will Barclay, Assemblyman Bob Oaks and Oswego County Legislature Chairman Kevin Gardner will host a rally in support of the FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant and nuclear power on October 5.

Open to the public, the rally will take place from 5:30 to 7 p.m. at the Oswego County Highway Department Garage, located off Route 104 at 31 Schaad Drive.

Rally Planned For FitzPatrick

Those attending are encouraged to begin arriving at 4:30 p.m.

The rally builds on recent efforts by Central New York lawmakers to save FitzPatrick, following an announcement by its parent company, Entergy Corp., that it was considering closing the facility.

Last week, Senator Ritchie, Assemblyman Barclay, Assemblyman Oaks and Oswego County Legislature Chairman Kevin Gardner launched a petition, found at, where people can sign and show their support for the facility remaining in Central New York.

So far, the petition has amassed nearly 1,000 signatures.

Supporting jobs for roughly 600 workers, FitzPatrick provides upwards of $18 million in property tax revenue, as well as makes hundreds of thousands of dollars in charitable contributions annually to local community events and not-for-profit organizations in the region.


  1. You have a 40 year old plant past it’s design lifetime. A million people will be irradiated should it melt down. It’s losing money. It needs major safety upgrades. There’s a glut of electricity in the area.

    search lazard energy version 8
    Solar and wind are now available cheaper than any other sources. Before gov breaks.
    We need to go solar, wind, hydro, waste to energy and fuels from air,water and electricity as fast as possible.
    We are facing peak coal, oil and nuclear way sooner than we thought.

    The IAEA says that we will have uranium shortages starting in 2025, then getting worse fast.
    “As we look to the future, presently known resources
    fall short of demand.”
    Fig 16 show the shortfall in 2025 and it going 1/4 of that 2050
    fig 20 also show shortfall.

  2. The NRC would not let it operate passed design life. Nor would anyone be working there if it wasn’t perfectly safe. JAF doesn’t need any safety upgrades. Solar and wind energy cost a lot more than nuclear. And there is no uranium shortage. You really think companies would currently be spending billions of dollars building new Nuke plants if there wasn’t much fuel left? Most of the power in the area is from Nukes. There will be little power in the area without nuke power so basically everything you said is completely wrong. Lets rely solely on natural gas to base load the grid in NY. Im sure the gas companies won’t raise their prices through the roof.

  3. One more time, I am going to tell you that nuclear plants DO NOT HAVE A “DESIGN LIFETIME”. The plant is designed to run INDEFINTELY, as long as it is properly operated and maintained, and the materials and systems are performing to their required specifications. And there is no indication that they are not. Very often in the life of a power plant the operating systems are upgraded and replaced to be more modern and efficient and maintainable.

    The 40-year “design lifetime” was an ARTIFICIAL limit set by the old AEC when licensing the first nuclear plants back in the ’60s. Since nuclear plants were a new breed and there was no base of experience upon which to set a license term, they used the license term used for fossil-fueled plants, mainly those fired with coal. And the origin of the fossil fuel plant license term was not based on operational considerations, but financial ones. At the time, it was common to issue construction bonds that would be retired (paid off) in 40 years. They assumed the plant would last at least as long as it took to pay off its construction debt. In fact, they (fossil and nuclear) can do run for much longer periods.

  4. The plant was just re-licensed for another 20 years by the NRC. The plant underwent over 80 million in upgrades last year alone. People need to stop making assumption. There is no glutton of energy. There’s an energy crisis. Furthermore the plant won’t ever “meltdown” people watch wayyy too much tv these days!

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