Pulaski Holds Title for Oswego County’s Best-Tasting Drinking Water

PULASKI – The village of Pulaski continues to hold the title for the best-tasting drinking water in Oswego County.

Five municipal water districts took part in the 22nd annual contest that was held on May 26 at the Fulton Memorial Day Salute.

Visitors were invited to taste samples of public drinking water and cast votes for their first and second choices.

When all the votes were counted, Pulaski was the winner with 45 points.

The city of Oswego and village of Mexico tied for second place with 42 points each, followed by the city of Fulton in third place with 33 points, and the town of Richland in fourth place with 27 points.

The village of Pulaski won the contest in 2011, followed closely by the village of Mexico and the town of Richland water districts.

Sixty-three people voted in the contest, which is sponsored by the Environmental Division of the Oswego County Health Department in conjunction with the New York chapter of the American Water Works Association.

Pulaski’s water will be entered in a regional competition and regional finalists from around the state will compete at the New York State Fair for the state’s best-tasting drinking water.