Pulling more chestnuts in the Oswego River

Dave and Uli Larrabee
Dave and Uli Larrabee remove water chestnuts in the Oswego River

OSWEGO – A group of six continued to pull water chestnuts from the Factory Island Channel near Battle Island Golf Course on the Oswego River recently.

Patty Harrington
Patty Harrington heads in with another load of water chestnuts

Dave and Uli Larrabee, a retired NYS Forest Ranger, drove from Rodman to help pull the water chestnuts.

With their narrow kayaks, Dave set up a inflatable inner tube with netting to stack the pull chestnuts.

The chestnuts were transferred to a canoe, used to hold several loads of, and dispose of.

Cat Hampshire
Cat Hampshire was among the group helping remove the problem plant from local waterways

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  1. Since the first story ran a couple of months ago, alerting me to the existence of these waterway choking invasive plants, I’ve seen them spread their boundaries to more and more waterways. Although I don’t use the waterways, I am so grateful that SOMEONE is doing something about this. I hope we can get the NYS folks (Environmental people?) to consider getting grant funding before we lose wildlife over this, and possibly our tourism revenue!

    I’d think tax dollars could be used in this way.

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