Race-to-Race Power Rankings

Overall Top 10 Race-to-Race Power Rankings

1. Otto Sitterly
2. Chris Perley
3. Doug Didero

4. Troy Regier
5. Tim Jedrzejek
6. Mark Sammut
7. Dave McKnight
8. Jim Birges
9. Russ Wood
10. Joey Payne

Oswego Speedway Top 10 Race-to-Race Power Rankings

1. (-) Otto Sitterly. #7 John Nicotra-owned Hawk Jr. Chassis. Otto showed yet again why he’s the man to beat at Oswego this week. Sitterly was the hard charger as the Nicotra 7 was working wherever Otto put it. The only negative for Otto is that despite two wins and no finishes worse than fourth; his advantage in points is slim. Consistency usually is what wins championships, and so far, the blue 7 has been the most consistent car on the track.

2. (-) Doug Didero. #3 Doug Didero-owned Xtreme Chassis. Doug and the Xtreme 3 were yet again the fastest combination Saturday night. Come feature time, however, Didero was bottled up in traffic, and by the time he broke through, Sitterly had already taken command. Doug tried to reel him in, but never really got close enough to threaten. By finishing second, Didero keeps the pressure on in the point race. This year could shape up to be one of the best championship battles in some time!

3. (+1) Dave McKnight Jr. #08 Gary Syrell-owned Hawk Jr. Chassis. Coming off back-to-back thirds, Dave has to be pumped about the direction the Syrell team is headed. The 08 still doesn’t have the speed of the 7 or 3, but it appears to have risen above the others. McKnight led briefly before Sitterly and Didero made it by. With a little more speed, one of these weeks, nobody will find a way by the 08.

4. (-1) Joey Payne. #99 Pat & Terry Strong-owned West Chassis. Another solid run was turned in by the “Plum Krazy” 99 crew. Joey had the fans on their feet, making a thrilling last-lap pass for fourth on Davey Hamilton. “The Jersey Jet” is a strong third in the point race. Payne lets the race come to him, and as others lose speed, he climbs positions, as was evident with his late race heroics Saturday.

5. (+1) Pat Lavery. #2 Double Deuce Racing-owned Hawk Jr. Chassis. Pat put the Deuce back in the top ten this week, coming home seventh. The smooth-running Lavery avoided trouble as usual, and brought the 2 home safely. Pat has only been outside the top ten only once this season, that being an eleventh. The Hoefer & Samuels team can’t be content with just top tens. Look for the 2 to be back in the top five as well as the teammate’s 22.

6. (+1) Greg Furlong. #72 Pat Furlong Jr.-owned Hawk Jr. Chassis. Another finish outside the top five has to have the Furlong crew scratching their heads. Greg made some nice moves in traffic, but when it was over he had a sixth-place car. The speed is just not there yet.

7. (New) Keith Gilliam. #87 Keith Gilliam-owned Target Chassis. Keith has strung together three top tens in a row. On many nights, Gilliam passes the most cars, between attrition, spins, and yes, on track passes! The 87 is an older car, but Keith has many updates on it, and gets the most out of it. I think many people will agree that it was a nice tribute to Jimmy Shampine that Gilliam had a replica helmet and the nose of his car specially painted. Seeing that desert turquoise brings back memories for lots of people at Oswego.

8. (-3) Steve Gioia III. #9 Steve Gioia Jr.-owned Gioia Chassis. Steve had a decent run going, running about tenth, before heading to the pits. The DNF follows two impressive top fives. The Gioia team has to keep their chins up, knowing the 9 has been competitive all year. When Gioia has been on the track at the finish, he has no finish worse than fifth so far this season at Oswego.

9. (New) Davey Hamilton.
#6 John Nicotra-owned Hawk Jr. Chassis. It’s not often a driver can come to Oswego only a few times a year and be a threat to win. Looking at Davey’s resume and the Nicotra team, it’s no surprise to see the 6 crack the top five on Hamilton’s first trip to Oswego this season. Davey was fast all night, jetting up to third in his heat, and fourth in the feature. Hamilton had to settle for fifth at the checkers, when Joey Payne stole fourth on the last lap. When he makes his next trip, look for Davey to be right up with his teammate.

10. (-2) Jerry Curran. #24 Jerry Curran-owned Hawk Jr. Chassis. Jerry had his hands full, managing only an eleventh this Saturday. Still, it was his first finish outside the top ten this season. Curran was sideways on a few occasions, and faded back outside the top ten as the race wore on. Jerry toughed it out and kept the Nuclear Banana pointed in somewhat the right direction. His perseverance has him fifth in points, as well. At least the 24 team can only improve on the handling from here on in.
ISMA Top Ten Race-to-Race Power Rankings

1. (-) Chris Perley. #11 Vic Miller-owned Miller Chassis. Chris and the 11 crew once again landed in victory lane at Stafford. Perley used the outside groove to his advantage, as he does so often, to make his way to the front. Once there, he repelled and drove away from any and all challengers. Several restarts gave others a chance to steal the win, but Perley didn’t wait around, even for his teammate. Momentum is on his side to be the first “King of the Wings,” as he also won the last winged race he ran at Oswego.

2. (-) Mark Sammut. #78 Mark Sammut-owned Sammut Chassis. Mark continues to have a good season, coming home fourth at Stafford. After starting thirteenth, Sammut made his way steadily through the field. As others fell by the wayside, the 78 continued to march to the front. At the end, Mark was disappointed the race was shortened, but knew he might not have had much more for the cars ahead of him. A win in the “King of the Wings” would be well deserved as well a fan-pleasing victory.

3. (-) Russ Wood. #29 Jeff Holbrook-owned Allegresso Chassis. Coming off of a win and a fourth, Russ brought the Holbrook 29 home in third at Stafford. Wood was upbeat, knowing that finishing third to two Vic Miller cars is almost a win to most ISMA teams. The car still has some speed left, and when they find it, it could be like the old days with the 11 and 29 duking it out for wins.

4. (+1) Mike Ordway Jr. #41 Jeff Holbrook-owned Colloca Chassis. Mike had to battle back after a spin sent him to the rear.  Ordway Jr. did just that, coming all the way back to sneak into the top five. At the end, the 41 was on fumes but luck went his way, as the race was ended. The new car has been fast and only had mechanical woes once out of the first four races.

5. (New) Bentley Warren. #71 Vic Miller-owned Miller Chassis. “Gentle Ben” completed a one-two sweep for Vic Miller at Stafford. Bentley showed everyone yet again that given the right equipment, he can still get the job done. Warren is scheduled to be in the Wentworth 10 for the “King of the Wings” race at Oswego, which is a former Vic Miller car. Bentley has won before at Oswego in the Supernationals in a Vic Miller car, could history repeat?

6. (-2) Mike Lichty. #84 Brad Lichty-owned Brave Chassis. Once again Lichty was a threat to win his first ISMA feature. This time misfortune struck again, and the 84 pulled off the track with engine problems. Mike is always fast and if he finished where he was capable, he’d be the one that made Chris Perley look over his shoulder the most.

7. (+2) Craig Rayvals. #95 Craig Rayvals-owned Hawk Jr. Chassis. Craig got his first top ten of the year at Stafford, finishing eighth. Although it was his first top ten, Rayvals has been around at the finish, logging laps and learning new tracks. “Hollywood” is in a tight battle for Rookie of the Year honors, but is no rookie to supermodifieds, having won features at Oswego.

8. (New) Eric Lewis. #28 Eric Lewis-owned Allegresso/Lewis Chassis. Eric had his best finish in recent memory, finishing just out of the top five, ending up sixth. Lewis sticks to the New England area, but runs competitively when he does bring the 28 out. He is a nice addition to the field, as Eric knows how to stay out of trouble and finish races.

9. (New) Otto Sitterly. #7 John Nicotra-owned Hawk Jr. Chassis. Otto strapped on the wing for a second time this season, this time with the ISMA bunch at Stafford. The Nicotra crew was rewarded for their efforts with a decent seventh place finish. Sitterly looks to combine his success at Oswego with the speed shown running with the wing to not only capture the “King of the Wings” title, but to grab the Mr. Supermodified title and the $20,000 bonus that goes with winning both!

10. (New) Dave Trytek. #35 Jeff Holbrook-owned Allegresso Chassis. After having the boss in the seat for the first few races, the 35 saw Dave Trytek in the seat. Dave was solidly in the top ten before tangling with a lapped car. The race was unable to restart, which cost Trytek a chance to regroup, as he had to settle for tenth. Still, it was Dave’s first outing in a super this year. Whether it be Jeff in the seat, or Dave, the 35 is a potent ride that can run up front consistently.
SMRA Top Ten Race-to-Race Power Rankings

1. (+1) Troy Regier. #98 Steve Shaw & Tom Silsby-owned Silsby Chassis. Troy finally looked like the Regier of old, capturing the checkered flag at both Las Vegas and Rocky Mountain. Regier set fast time both days, and charged to the front, making some crowd-pleasing moves. If this weekend was any indication, the rest of the season could be a long one for the competition.

2. (-1) Jim Birges. #89 Ron Burger & Jim Birges-owned X-Car Chassis. Jim followed up a third at Las Vegas with a fourth at Rocky Mountain Raceways. After his strong start to the season, these finishes have to be somewhat of a disappointment to Birges, considering he has been in contention for wins all year. Jim felt that the team was spread too thin in trying to get more cars to the races, and the results suffered as a result.

3. (New) Bryan Warf. #91 Pat Russell-owned Moyne Chassis. Warf continues to make his presence felt when in competition. Second and third place finishes were only outdone by Regier?s wins. Bryan has a win at Meridian earlier this season, so the 91 team definitely has the speed to compete wherever they go.

4. (-1) A.J. Russell. #7 Ken Pike & Richard Russell-owned KPC Chassis. A.J. looked to be a winner at Rocky Mountain Raceways, holding off Jim Birges for many laps, only to have Regier blow by them both on the inside. Russell managed to hold on to second. A.J. finished a lackluster sixth at Las Vegas.

5. (-1) Jeff Russell. #85 Jeff Russell-owned Silsby Chassis. Jeff hasn?t found the speed that the 85 has had in the past yet this year. He finished fifth in both races, which is by no means bad, but Russell is another top competitor in the Western States, and is used to fighting for wins.

6. (New) Justin Belfiore. #8 Jim Belfiore-owned Belfab Chassis. Justin brought the 8 out for the first time this year at Las Vegas and finished fourth. He didn?t fare as well at Rocky Mountain, as he tangled with another car and ended up ninth. Despite being known for his accomplishments on the East Coast, Belfiore has already become a respected competitor out west, as well.

7. (New) Kirk Wartman. #56 Tom Joyce-owned Silsby Chassis. Kirk bested his seventh at Las Vegas by one position, finishing sixth at Rocky Mountain. Wartman has been competitive most of the year, the only question being how often the 56 will be seen.

8. (-3) Bobby Dalton, #36. Bobby suffered a major setback at Las Vegas, blowing the motor on the 36. Dalton had been a top five car most of the season but it might be a while before we see the 36 back at the track.

9. (New) Kenny White. #26 Walt Smith & Jim Birges-owned Masterman Chassis. After filling in nicely for Jim Birges earlier this year, the team pieced together a car for Kenny. After finishing last at Las Vegas, White notched an eighth at Rocky Mountain Raceways. Kenny has the talent to do much better; it?s just a matter of putting all the pieces in place.

10. (New) Larry Lapoint.
#8 Larry Lapoint-owned Silsby Chassis. A regular on the ERA circuit, Larry made the trip to Rocky Mountain. Lapoint stayed out of harm?s way and finished a decent seventh.
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