RaiderNet Daily: Meet The New Exchange Student

In today’s RaiderNet Daily, you can meet G. Ray Bodley’s new German exchange student, hear student views on the construction going on at the high school and get an up to date report of Monday’s sports events.

Just click the photo to see a full-sized version for easy reading.

(Note that RaiderNet Daily comes to us as a pdf.  We used the document sharing service Scribd to present those pdfs until today, because Scribd is blocked on the Fulton City School District servers.  We’re converting the pdf to a graphic format to make it easier for many viewers, as pdfs can often slow to a crawl or crash older computers or those on dial-up access.)

Click the photo to see a full-sized version.
Click the photo to see a full-sized version.

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  1. They definately should have started construction when the students were taking finals. My sister is a senior this year and she has complained to me and our parents about how she is late because of the construction going on. And by the snail’s pace I’ve seen the crew going at, the new additions will be done by the time this year’s freshman are juniors.

    And, as a former student of the school, I think they should’ve invested less in the sports complex and invested more into much needed school necessities, such as more desks and books. Even when I was there, seating was an issue in the classroom and so weren’t books. I remember having to scramble to get a text and a good seat in my 10th grade History class because the room was short of supplies and the desks weren’t exactly the greatest.

    The school does not need a new sports complex, it needs new academic tools, simple as that. It’s going to take awhile to finish the field, and it will take alot less time to get new supplies into the classrooms.

    The school board should have really thought this one out in the long run

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