Ralph Edward Stacy Jr. Announces Candidacy for Oswego County 25th District Legislator

FULTON – Ralph Edward Stacy Jr. announces his candidacy for the seat of Oswego County Legislator for the 25th District.

Ralph Edward Stacy Jr.

A 43-year-old lifelong resident of Fulton, husband, and father of five beautiful children, Stacy is familiar with the needs and issues that face the greater Fulton area and he is ready to go to work to advocate for the people of the 25th District at the county level.

He has recently received the endorsement of the Fulton City Republican Committee, and is currently in discussions for other potential endorsements.

No stranger to the workings of government and municipal operations, Stacy has served with distinction with the Cayuga Community College Campus Police force for the past 16 years.

Before that time, he also served on the Cayuga County Auxiliary Police, under the auspices of the Cayuga County Emergency Management Office, as a patrol officer.

In addition to this public service, he currently serves on the city of Fulton Planning Commission, of which he has dedicated more than seven years with the last three years as vice chair.

Stacy has also been a member of the city’s Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee, which was tasked with updating and presenting a refreshed outline for the community’s future, and has also voluntarily committed many hours to community advocacy where he has assisted citizens with concerns and directed them to proper channels as needed.

Day or night, he has never shied away from a fellow citizen in need.

During the time of his commitment to the community, he has made alliances and earned the respect of multiple local officials, and of people from all political backgrounds and beliefs.

By utilizing this “unifying force,” Stacy will improve relations between the city of Fulton and the county of Oswego, so that both may prosper together for the greater good.

This shall be accomplished with more shared services opportunities, joint ventures to attract development to include seeking out potential investors in the community and nurturing the symbiotic relationship that the city has with its neighboring townships of Volney and Granby.

High taxes and fees must also be curbed immediately, if we are to spur successful economic renewal and to expand on that path.

The area needs more jobs and more revenue and this will only occur once we prove ourselves as business friendly.

It is a battle that we are all in together and unified we shall have the power to succeed.

For those causes that may not be in the power of a county legislator to handle directly, Stacy is prepared to continue his spirit of community advocacy and will stand up as a voice for the people.

Working with both sides of the aisle is important to realize this ambitious goal and Stacy has proven the ability to do such time and again during his work with the Planning Commission, the Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee, and his own volunteer community advocacy.

Political gridlocks serve no positive purpose in government and therefore must be avoided.

Stacy will always extend a hand and lend an ear to anyone who is ready, willing and able to promote the common good for both the greater Fulton area and Oswego County in general.

Make the choice for a brighter future for our community. Make the choice for cooperation that will benefit Fulton at the county level. Make the choice for Ralph Edward Stacy Jr. for Oswego County 25th District Legislator, your community advocate.