Reapportionment Would Give Barclay More of County; County Would Lose an Assemblyperson

Farewell, Claudia Tenney.

The State Assembly’s plans for redrawing district lines boot the Assemblywoman from the Utica area out of Oswego County, while giving two Assemblymen more of the county.

Pulaski Republican Will Barclay gains most of the county in these plans, adding the towns along Oneida Lake that Tenney had represented.  Barclay loses his towns in Onondaga County, with the exception of the town of Lysander.

And Watertown-area Republican Ken Blankenbush adds the northeastern towns in Oswego County that Tenney had represented.

Assemblyman Robert Oaks keeps his tiny slice of Oswego County, representing the towns of Oswego, Minetto and Hannibal.

State Senator Patty Ritchie’s district would be unchanged in Oswego County — she would continue to represent the entire county.

The plans for redrawing districts were released Thursday by the New York State Legislative Task Force on Demographic Research and Reapportionment.

Reapportionment happens every 10 years, after each U.S. Census.  District lines change to reflect changes in population.

But there’s a big “if” in these plans.  They take effect if Governor Cuomo approves them.

At the moment, he does not approve.

Cuomo has said that he will only accept reapportionment performed by an independent body.  The districts revealed Thursday were drawn by the majority parties — the Republicans drew Senate lines and the Democrats drew Assembly lines.

Cuomo spokesman Josh Vlasto offered a blunt critique in a statement: “At first glance, these lines are simply unacceptable and would be vetoed by the Governor. We need a better process and product.”

Good government groups side with Cuomo. The group Common Cause offered harsh criticism of the way the maps were drawn up. Common Cause/NY Executive Director Susan Lerner said, “Overall, these maps appear to continue the long tradition of partisan gerrymandering we’ve come to expect. There are major demographic changes that are simply not reflected on these maps.”

Common Cause produced its own maps, which it said would have apportioned districts in a more logical manner. Under the Common Cause plan, for example, Barclay’s district would include all of Oswego County and half of Lewis County.

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  1. Good for Governor Cuomo insisting on doing the right thing! I, and many others, want very much to see our leaders actually work in an ethical manner. Though I seldom agree with Governor Cuomo’s political views, I certainly commend his decision to rise above the same old partisanship form of doing NYS business and do what is right for all.

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