Renzi Rips Aubertine’s Mailings

OSWEGO, NY – State Senate candidate Dave Renzi visited the Oswego YMCA Armory on Thursday.

He took the opportunity to claim his opponent is “wasting hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars by sending a slew of witless, campaign-style brochures – all mailed at government expense – to voters just weeks before Election Day.”

Dave Renzi chats with a couple members of the public outside the Oswego YMCA Armory.
Dave Renzi chats with a couple members of the public outside the Oswego YMCA Armory.

Following his brief remarks, the candidate fielded questions from the media and members of the public.

Renzi thanked the YMCA for allowing him to speak at the facility. “Obviously, this is a place to come and get healthy – trim the fat. Right now there is a lot of waste and fat in the state government,” he said.

Renzi clutched a handful of his opponent’s fliers as he spoke.

“At a time when our state faces a $6 billion budget gap and families are
struggling to buy food, gas and fuel for their homes, my opponent is
spending your hard-earned tax dollars to promote his reelection through
these vain and worthless mailers,” Renzi charged.

Ten of them were sent out within the last six weeks, at a price to the taxpayers of about $200,000, Renzi claimed.

The mailers were sent only to registered voters, he pointed out.

Each contains an average of five – and as many as eight – pictures of Sen. Darrel Aubertine posing with children and eating ice cream; some contain no legislative information at all, Renzi said, adding, “It doesn’t highlight issues that affecting the district, it doesn’t reach out to all the constituents, only to the voting public.”

The mailers do not discuss what Renzi says is Aubertine’s record-low legislative rating from a key good government group, his failure to introduce promised jobs legislation, or his plan to eliminate STAR rebate checks.

“What I’m asking Sen. Aubertine to do is to immediately stop sending these mailers prior to the election, it’s inappropriate and it’s wasteful,” Renzi said.

“My opponent should be focused on putting Albany on a diet, and cutting the fat from our out-of-balance state budget, instead of mailing trite and
useless advice to voters on their own dime,” said Renzi. “I’m hoping Albany can tighten its belt and cut the fat. We have to do it our homes and I think the politicians there should do it as well.”

The candidate was asked about the recently released Sienna Poll that shows him trailing Aubertine by about 20 percent.

He claims his campaign has more support than that particular poll gives him credit for.

“The people I’ve talked to in the street, I feel great about it; I was in Mexico the other day for an event that had over 150 people there. I think we’ve got a lot of momentum,” he said. “The only poll that matters to me is the one on Nov. 4.”

He dispelled allegations of running a negative campaign.

“When I started running this campaign I said I was going to run a positive campaign, and I’m doing that. I have been focusing on the issues and will continue to focus on the issues,” he told the Oswego County Today. “I feel real good about our campaign. The feedback I’m getting is it’s very positive.”

In a press release issued Wednesday, Cort Ruddy, Aubertine’s campaign coordinator, said that Renzi had told the voters he was going to run a positive campaign.

He has already gone back on his word, Ruddy noted.

“It is disappointing to say the least, but shows exactly how desperate he (Renzi) is and how eager he is to take direction from Albany insiders and an out-of-state media firm known for negative campaigning,” Ruddy said. “Darrel has a strong record of working on issues that impact children, including efforts to expand access to affordable health care to all children and record increases in school funding for central and northern New York schools. It is shameful that Mr. Renzi has turned to children to disseminate his negative message.”

Renzi said the Aubertine camp “recognizes us as a real threat,” and predicts “it’s going to be a tight race.”


  1. Umm…I am pretty sure that my whole family has recieved “Wasteful” letters from David Renzi, all of whom are registered voters.

    But this is beside the point, just because Aubertine is an incumbent, challengers such as yourself feel the need to lie to the public. Do you really think our tax dollars are paying for these Aubertine mailers? Why don’t you take some time to review the campign finance laws of our great state and nation.

    And then why don’t you take some time to view this website (I invite all other readers to do the same.) You see, these aren’t the old days. Every dollar that is spent and donated is tracked and databased. It just so happens that this information is public. Do some research before spouting your mouth off Mr. Renzi.

  2. I have received more junk e-mails from Renzi than I have Aubertine!! They both need to save some trees!! I get something in the mail every day – some are duplicates.

  3. I got some of these and don’t think they were wasteful at all. Senator Wright sent similar updates, as does Will Barclay. I don’t get or understand the point Renzi is trying to make at all.

  4. Darryl Aubertine has been a neighbor of mine for 20 years. People as honest and as caring as Darryl are few and far between. In fact, they are a “rare commodity”.

    As for what has taken place in the political environment over these past few months, weeks and days – just remember one thing – “IT ISN’T THE VOTE OF ONE PERSON ALONE” THAT EFFECTS EACH AND EVERYONE OF US – IT IS THE VOTE OF MANY”.

    Having my choice – I think I would trust a former farmer before I would trust certain attorneys.

  5. Dave, I back you 100%!
    Yes, they all send mailers, but they should be paying for it out of their OWN POCKETS!!!! Not taxpayers dollars, I cant beleive more people are not upset about that! Daryl should be ashamed but Im sure he will lie about this accusation like he does everything! Renzi will do a way better job! Wake up people!!!

  6. Please people, don’t vote another lawyer in office, we have enough red tape in our everyday lives,these [personal attack edited out] set it up so just lawyer are able to fill out, or file or whatever it is we need to do ,too, make our lives better, don’t make the lawyers life better and richer. I’m not a Aubertine fan, but I’m sure has HELL not a fan of this [personal attack edited out] lawyer! my god he doesn’t even know how the political machine works

  7. Last ad I received by mail from Mr. Renzi featured his wife reading the same script from her commerical about Dear Dave reading bedtime stories and what a wonderful daddy he is. SO what is the difference … Renzi and bedtime stories or Aubertine and ice cream … maybe it is time for both politician like so many other to just get real and get to the business at hand. If you want to hand the voters fluff … then don’t expect their votes.

  8. Are you kidding Renzi? Sounds like desparation to me. Campaigns pay for the mailers NOT taxpayers!!! Where in the world did you get that from? Get the facts straight before you make false attacks. Lawyers….go figure!

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