Report Cards Released For NYS Schools, Districts

OSWEGO, NY – On Thursday, the State Education Department released the 2009-10 School Report Cards for all schools and districts throughout New York.

In addition to school and district information, there is also a School Report Card for the entire state.

The Report Cards are available at

Much of the data contained in the School Report Cards has already been publicly released throughout the past year, but the Report Cards represent a single place for finding all of that information.

The report contains some good news for the Oswego district, according to Cathy Chamberlain, assistant superintendent for instruction and curriculum.

“We are happy to report some very positive trends upon reviewing the current release of the New York State District and School Report Card,” she said. “For the district we are celebrating that all of our schools are in good standing.”

The Oswego High School was removed from the list of schools that failed to make adequate yearly progress (the Schools in Need of Improvement list).

“Our district graduation rate is 70 percent (2005 cohort) which is up 4 percent from last year. Our graduation rate at OHS was 72 percent (2005 cohort) which is up 5 percent from the previous year,” Chamberlain noted. “We also have a 76 percent graduation rate for OHS after five years.”

“I am pleased to see the positive movement of our graduation rate. However, it is far from where we can rest,” said Superintendent Bill Crist. “The incremental steps to improving graduation and testing rates can only be realized through the collaborative efforts with the school Board, administration, faculty, staff, and, most importantly, students and parents.”

The district has also seen increases in many of its test scores and Chamberlain will be presenting that information at the next board of education meeting.

“A high school education is but the first step for our students to be success in this global 21st century society,” Crist added.

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