Report: Mexico Man Accused of Trying to Sell Military Secrets

A Mexico man is in military custody, accused of trying to sell top secret documents, according to a newspaper report.

The Fayetteville Observer of Fayetteville, North Carolina reports that Bryan Minkyu Martin, a Naval Reserve Intelligence Specialist 3rd Class assigned to Fort Bragg, is in custody in Norfolk, Virginia.

The paper, quoting the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, reported that Martin was taken into custody Wednesday. No charges have yet been filed.

A search warrant made public alleges that Martin attempted to sell documents to an undercover officer posing as a foreign intelligence officer.

According to the article:

“Martin also told the agent that he was seeking “longterm financial reimbursement,” and that he could be very valuable over a 15- or 20-year career, which he expected would take him to the Defense Intelligence Agency, the warrant says.

Martin offered to bring the agent two documents at their next meeting and accepted $500 in cash from the agent, the warrant says.

At a meeting the next day at the same hotel, Martin produced two documents — one labelled (sic) “secret” and the other “top secret” and accepted $1,500 in cash, the warrant says. He agreed to meet the agent again Nov. 19, when he produced 51 pages of secret and top secret documents, according to the warrant. He was paid another $1,500, according to the warrant.”

The newspaper reports Martin joined the Navy late in 2006 and received top secret clearance less than a year later.