Residents of Fulton’s 5th Ward Urged To Support Foster

To The Editor:

Residents of Fulton’s 5th Ward, for the past two years I have had the pleasure and honor to work side by side with Norman “Jay” Foster.

I have known Jay for several years but have been working with him on the Common Council since January 1 of last year.

He is not only a good friend but a hard worker. He takes the time to study the matters coming before the council and works with the rest of the aldermen on them.

He responds quickly to his constituents and does his best to resolve their problems.

He is fair and doesn’t care about politics when it comes to the residents of the 5th Ward or Fulton as a whole, he tries to help everybody.

I don’t know of anybody that doesn’t like Jay; but if there are they are probably slumlords or drug dealers that do business in his ward because he works so hard against those problems and is making great progress.

Jay is a good husband and father and has been a good friend and teacher to me.

I strongly urge the people in the 5th Ward to vote for Norman “Jay” Foster for Common Council again this Nov. 3 and let him keep doing the great job he has been doing.

Like Jay has said: “People don’t care about how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Thank you for listening,

Jim Myers

4th Ward Alderman


  1. Term limits..Term Limits…Term Limits….No insurance …No Insurance…No Insurance…If he truly wanted to serve the people he would do it without insurance…….but that will never happen…Sorry when someone says they love serving the people but won’t give up their insurance I have my doubts about their motive….and the only time you see him is in an election year…but that is what you do also…so I could see why you support him…

  2. Jay Foster is honest and honorable. Jay Foster works hard every day for the people of Fulton. Do not confuse modesty and the desire to keep a low profile while tirelessly working to improve Fulton and each and every one of Her residents with inaction. Jay Foster leads by action, not by time in your limelight.

  3. I don’t know who this ttcuster is but he’s obviously some kind of {person} that doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I don’t know where he got the idea that we have insurance but we don’t. That makes him a liar. He also doesn’t know how often I cover my ward or how much Jay covers his. I want readers to keep this in mind when they read these comments and consider it’s source. If this person is going to lie about insurance what else will he lie about?
    This is {someone} who is afraid to use his real name.
    Jim Myers

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