Retired Educators Continue To Work With Children

FULTON, NY – Bill Rasbeck, program chair, introduced his wife, Pauline Rasbeck and Wynnette Dohse, both retired reading teachers and members of the Oswego Reading Council to the members of the Fulton Noon Rotary Club.

We have to admire teachers like Pauline and Wynnette who continue to work with our children years after they have retired, the Rotarians said.

William Rasbeck, Pauline Rasbeck, Wynnette Dohse
William Rasbeck, Pauline Rasbeck, Wynnette Dohse

The two educators explained how they read to children, during their library period, using the Charlotte’s Web program.

They explained how reading interesting books to children inspires the child to read more on their own.

The Charlotte’s Web program is an award program developed by the NYS Reading Council.

Ten recent books are chosen of the best children’s literature and illustrations in the child’s grade level.

After all ten books have been read to the child, the student votes on the best story and best illustrated book.

Teachers, librarians, book stores and whole communities are encouraged to participate in the New York State’s Reading Council Charlotte’s Web program.

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  1. That is so awesome that these two lovely retired teachers take time out for children. Jesus sure has blessed them richly.

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