Retired Teacher in CNY Arts Center’s Spotlight

FULTON, NY – The CNY Arts Center of Fulton has announced its next Author’s Spotlight, a monthly program where community members meet local writers who have recently published a book.

On August 21 at 7 p.m., Mary Slimmer will present her young adult novel, The Lighthouse in Grove Park School.

This is Slimmer’s first book.

She is a retired teacher and administrator from the Oswego City School District.

The book centers on a group of students who have a regularly scheduled lunch with their principal.

During one lunch, the principal shows the students a set of keys and one of the students talks the others into getting the keys without her permission to explore the school basement.

After a series of frightening experiences, the students end up in the police station, where they find out more about the mysteries of what lies beneath the school.

“The characters in the book are fictional,” Slimmer said. “But, they were inspired by the many children I worked with over the years. I wrote it because I wanted to experience the journey of writing a book. I believe in the power of words and I wondered if I could write a story that was enjoyable, yet believable.”

Mary still teaches workshops for both children and adults.

Later this month, she will be teaching a children’s writing workshop at CNY Art Center’s Arty Camp.

During Author Spotlight, Slimmer will explain her process of writing the book, read excerpts from it and offer a question and answer period.

Afterwards, attendees can meet her and purchase a signed copy of her book.

Refreshments will be served.

There is no cost to attend the program.

Author Spotlights are held at the CNY Arts Center, 357 State St.

For more information, please call 315-592-3373 or visit