Rice Calls on Michaels

Fulton Democratic Chairman Jim Rice called on mayoral candidate Deana Michaels to return another alleged illegal contribution.

A review of the candidate’s campaign finance report revealed that Michaels accepted a donation from a local charity. 

“Politicians like Deana Michaels should not be taking money from local charities. These contributions are illegal. They are against state and federal law,” said the Fulton City Democratic Chairman, pointing to a quote from the New York State Attorney General web site.

“Organizations that are exempt from taxation under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code are absolutely prohibited from contributing to a candidate for office, a political party or a political action committee. An organization that violates this prohibition risks losing its tax exemption and may also be in violation of state law.”

Referring to the Child Advocacy Center’s contribution reported in Friends of Deana Michaels’ financial filing on July 1, Rice said that he declined to file a complaint with the Attorney General’s office.

“Child Advocacy Center is an important and well respected organization doing critically important work in our community,” said Rice. “Deana should have known better than accept that contribution from a charity.  She should return the money immediately,” Rice said.

Rice has filed two formal complaints with the State Board of Elections regarding Michaels’ fundraising and Pathfinder Bank’s alleged illegal contributions to her campaign.

“Deana needs to accept responsibility and return CAC’s and Pathfinder’s contributions. This is not complicated. The State Board of Elections says both the contributor and the person receiving the contribution are responsible for complying with the law,” Rice said.