Richie Asks for Opinions on Expanding Casino Gaming

State Senator Patty is asking her constituents what they think about Governor Andrew Cuomo’s suggestion that New York should take a look at legalizing Las Vegas-style casino gambling.

“Advocates of legalized casino gambling, including a group that wants to build a casino in Alexandria Bay in the Thousand Islands, say casinos will bring more tourists and create jobs,” Senator Ritchie said. “Opponents worry about issues of problem gambling and its impact on families and communities.”

“That’s why I have created an on-line poll on my Senate website to give the people of Northern and Central New York an opportunity to advise me on what they think I should do when the Senate considers this idea,” Senator Ritchie said. “Governor Cuomo wants to start a statewide discussion about how our state should regulate casino gambling and where we should allow it, if we allow it outside Native American reservations.”

“If New York State is going to have a statewide dialogue about this very controversial issue, I think it’s critical for me to give my constituents an opportunity to participate by telling me whether they feel there’s a role for casino gambling in the Thousand Islands, whether the potential for new jobs and economic development outweighs the concerns about problem gambling, and what they think about casino gambling in the Thousand Islands region,” Senator Ritchie said. “I would like to urge my constituents to go to to cast their vote on my on-line poll so I can share their concerns with Governor Cuomo.”