Riley Rashes ‘Not A Communicable Situation’

OSWEGO, NY  – Approximately 14 students at Riley Elementary School went to the nurse’s office on Feb. 7 after developing rashes.

“In talking with our School Nurse Team Leaders, she felt there were various reasons for the rashes,” said district spokesman Bill Foley. “She noted that the district has contacted and been working together with the Oswego County Health Department to investigate this.”

An Oswego County Health Department worker reviewed the cases.

“The health department told us they were not concerned that this was a communicable situation,” Foley added.

The youngsters came from different grades as well as different classes.

The rashes aren’t related to asbestos abatement or other construction work at the eastside elementary school, Foley said.

Asbestos abatement was started during the Christmas holiday break, he pointed out.

“It will be resumed during the February break later this month,” he said. “There is no asbestos abatement  being conducted during time the children are in school.”