Ritchie Applauds PSC’s ‘Hang Up’ On 315 Area Code Changes

State Senator Patty Ritchie is applauding the New York State Public Service Commission’s decision to put on hold its plans to make changes to the 315 area code.

Since the PSC’s area code change proposal was announced, Senator Ritchie urged state regulators to put the brakes on its effort to follow through with proposed changes to the 315 area code, which included a plan to split the region in two, or create a confusing “overlay” code.

In response, the PSC hosted hearings across the region served by the 315 area code.

Hearings on the issue were last held in 2008.

“Since the proposed changes to the 315 area code were announced, I have heard from hundreds of individuals concerned about how they would be impacted,” said Senator Ritchie. “From small business owners concerned about a loss of customers to local people who identify themselves as ‘315ers,’ the change would have a real impact. I’m pleased that the PSC listened to those who spoke out and decided to put the proposal on hold.”

According to officials, the commission is putting on hold its proceedings to determine how best to create an additional area code in the region served by the 315 area code.

The commission made its decision based on a revised forecast from the North American Numbering Plan Administrator that extended the time needed to the third quarter of 2016 for a new area code in the region.