Ritchie Bill Would Bar Use Of EBT Cards For Junk, Luxury Food

State Senator Patty Ritchie has introduced legislation that would help low-income families and individuals stretch their grocery budgets and eat more healthy foods, as well as protect taxpayer dollars by limiting the use of EBT cards for the purchase of junk food and luxury items.

“The goal of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is to help low-income consumers make wise and healthy food choices. However, in New York State, SNAP beneficiaries are able to use their taxpayer-funded EBT cards to purchase things like soda, ice cream, candy, cookies, cake and other types of junk food and luxury items,” said Senator Patty Ritchie. “Many of these items aren’t just unhealthy, they’re also expensive. This legislation would not only help low-income families and individuals stretch their food budgets further and promote health and nutrition, it would also protect taxpayers from abuse of a program that’s intended to help those who have fallen on hard times.”

Under current law, EBT cards can be used to purchase “non-essential” items, including unhealthy foods like cookies, cakes and soda, as well as luxury items, like steak and lobster, that are subject to state and local sales tax.

While the SNAP program restricts the use of EBT cards for certain things, like alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, pet food and hot or prepared foods, it still allows for the purchase of items that are not only not essential, but also contrary to the program’s purpose of promoting good nutrition.

Senator Ritchie’s measure (S.6761) seeks to move New York State closer to the SNAP program’s goal of improving  public health, by limiting the use of EBT cards solely for use on items that are deemed to be essentials, including things like milk, juice, fruits, vegetables, granola bars, peanut butter and dozens of other healthy foods.

In addition, in an effort to protect taxpayer dollars, under the measure, the Office of Temporary Disability Assistance will be directed to establish a list of luxury food items that cannot be purchased with an EBT card.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the percentage of obese individuals in New York State is on the rise.

Today, roughly 27 percent of New York’s adult population struggles with obesity, up from 17.1 percent in 2000 and 9.3 percent in 1990.

In addition, it’s estimated that among adults, the medical costs associated with obesity and its related illnesses, such as heart disease, arthritis and obesity-related cancer, cost the country $147 billion annually.


  1. $30 five pound gummy bear at Byrne Dairy sold to EBT holders any time. Witnessed this happen and couldn’t believe the stupidity.

  2. Be careful about legislation you’re putting your name on Patty. There are a lot of constituents (VOTERS) in Oswego County that receive EBT cards. Could be a double edged sword!

  3. The EBT Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program is there to help people in need. As a person who receives EBT benefits in Oswego County I choose to buy and eat healthy foods. Yes I award myself sometimes with a pack of cookies or a bag of chips every once in awhile, those things like cookies and chips are snacks and it’s up to the people who receive these benefits to make these choices. Just because we’re less fortunate then others don’t mean we can’t eat the same kind of foods the more fortunate ones eat. It’s not right to punish people and kick people when they’re down so to speak just because we’re less fortunate then others. Its not right to do these kinds of things. Put yourselves in our shoes and you tell me whether or not tour going to buy your kids some cookies or a little bag chips when they ask. Its not right to punish people for doing what’s right.
    A concerned citizen

  4. I also agree that there needs to be changes to how people use there EBT cards and what they can buy with in. There are people in Oswego County that just make over the income level to qualify for SNAP benefits and trying to make ends meat. And most of them have to buy generic brand food. For instance, I am a tax payer, and I had a lady in front of me at a store use her SNAP card on a cart full of soda, junk food, high end steaks, and all name brand food items. This just isn’t right.

  5. There are plenty of tax payers that vote who are constituents of Oswego County that support this. It’s about time, this should not be a bill introduced now it should have been started at the beginning of the program. It is also my understanding that these cards can be used to purchase food from home deliverly services (schwans) who I dont use anymore as they are to expensive. Yet items can be purchased with tax payer dollars with an EBT card????

  6. I get SNAP benefits and totally agree that candy and such items should not be purchased the same as lobster but steak ? Steak can be just as cheap as hamburger if purchased wisely and does the legislation include pork steak , cube steaks, which are inexpensive meat to build meals around ……why not stop the purchase of hotdogs which are unhealthy . If the goal is to promote eating fruits and vegetables then the amount of the bennifit would need to increase since fresh fruits and vegetables are about as expensive as hamburger : just my thoughts

  7. This is a typically mean spirited Republican attempt to micromanage and punish the masses of poor and working poor people who increasingly need SNAP and other social programs to compensate for the fact that the corporate capitalist economy has spent a generation hollowing out the American middle class and facilitating a major transfer of wealth into the pockets of the richest people and corporations. The program exists so people can eat … sometimes even economically struggling people want to eat some ice cream or even Gummy Bears. And why shouldn’t they be allowed to buy a steak or a lobster? The monthly dollar amount is fixed and if a person wants lobster, wants to spend the benefit on lobster, well then they make that choice. The program exists so people can eat … sometimes even economically struggling people want to eat some ice cream or even Gummy Bears. And why shouldn’t they be allowed to buy a steak or a lobster? I support the right of poor and struggling families to use their limited SNAP benefits to purchase the food they feel like eating … life is tough enough without sufficient financial resources. I oppose Senator Ritchie’s punitive attack on large numbers of her constituents in the service of whichever corporate interests are encouraging her to pursue this unnecessary, mean policy.

  8. I totally agree people shouldn’t be aloud to buy junk food. Now here’s a thing about me,I have food allergies and I can’t eat Wheat, I’m gluten free, and the cost of that stuff for me is way out of control, the price of a loaf of bread is $3.99 and its only 12 ounce, not even a pound, what about other people like me. And before anyone says anything I have been tested for all of allergies.I can’t have wheat,corn,rice,dairy,peanuts,soybean,fish/shellfish,eggs,chocolate.I have a very hard time finding stuff to eat.People who have special food problems should be given more money to buy food.$23.00 a month doesn’t cut it for me,and I’ve even had gastric bypass,so I don’t eat much,but what I do have to buy is very pricey.I go back to see my doctor about my food problems and to be rested,this time for CD.

  9. if you think that junk is more expensive then healthy food you are wrong. a pack of fresh strawberries a healthy food 5 bucks…. small container a box of nutty buddy bars 1 buck at walmart.. cheaper at aldis. think about the fact that you will in fact not be stretching the food stamps but you will be making harder for parents to get there kids the food they need… if you want healthy fresh is healthy but it is expensive.

  10. This is an election ploy ….it is great I agree…but everyone in their right mind knows that a Rep. Senator will never gets this bill through the down state Dems…it’s too bad but true…it is just to make her look good….just like the drug test bill..looks good she looks good but that one didn’t go anywhere and neither will this one….introduce some bills that will get passed Senator…some that will get us jobs..be real.

  11. Totally agree with this, as someone who works in Human Services it is often seen that people end up going to pantries at the end of the month. Why? Because they have used so much of their SNAP on items that are high price, for example a birthday cake? I don’t even do that for my kids, I make them cake. That’s right buy a cake mix and make one, make it a family activity. Some have commented that voters receive SNAP and will vote her out, realistically the majority of people on SNAP in our county don’t vote, and the majority that do vote are tired of seeing the abuse of a program that is to help people in a hard time. Please pass this!

  12. I would recommend that each month there is a certain designated coupon or something that ALLOWS recipients to enjoy a treat. Poverty is hard enough, and depression abounds. MANY of these recipients are former workers who have lost one of the jobs that have left Oswego and CNY in the last several years. SOME of them eat healthy MOST of the time, but alas, occasions occur where we all need to celebrate.

    When I got out of college, I was on foodstamps and medicaid for half a year. It was the 1970s, and I had lost my job at several different low-end jobs, which is embarrassing enough. I was a horrible waitress, and I didn’t even do well in the meat packing department of a supermarket. So I had a very, very low unemployment. And, there was NOTHING out there, as I waited for results of government job testing.

    So I got foodstamps and medicaid to supplement my $29.00 a week unemployment.

    One week my roommate and I decided to have company for dinner. So she purchased a lot of the supplies, and I used my foodstamps for one small package of frozen crab meat which she newberged and we shared with four people. It was a luxury that I remember to this day.

    Low income folks do not enjoy much of what you, Senator, take for granted. Eating out with friends, movies outside the home…travel.
    When we take away an ‘occasional’ food treat, we are being inhumane, in my humble opinion. Allow them to purchase chips, soda and cookies for an occasional party (!) Everyone deserves Christmas/Summer picnics, and birthday parties for their children. Low income families like to bring bought cupcakes to school for their child’s birthday.

    IF there were jobs in the community, then we could call these folks lazy or ‘enable’ them to stay home. But in NYS we cannot OFFER JOBs even if we wanted to.

    College graduates, high school scholars, occasionally find their families and themselves in these destitute circumstances.

    So OFFER an occasional gift to them. Provide an additional card or something once a month or two for frivolous foods. On us, a community that should not penalize our poorer residents with NO JOY in their lives.

    Or…quite frankly, for those of us who know our history…they will just take it anyway…Social Services were instituted not for the poor, but because the middle classes got tired of being pick pocketed, and robbed.

    Just saying..as Christ said, .consider what we do for the poorest among us!

  13. oh let them eat CAKE..is that it? Who the hell are you people to try and decide WHAT other people ..eat?..God forbid a poor kid have a birthday cake or some shrimp…And Wendy ..you should find a new job so you arent so inclined to spit on the poor ..save your social work position for someone ..with empathy..You seem more cut out for DMV

  14. It has nothing to do with cake, if they want to make one. Have you ever priced a fancy cake from Walmart? $40.00 and up. That cake is being paid by people who are working and paying taxes. You can give a cake to a kid, make one like it used to be done. There is so much abuse in the SNAP system it is not even funny. Taxes are what makes this happen, and I’m tired of seeing the abuse that takes place from so many. Kelli we are the people paying for it so yeah we should have some say!

  15. I work for a living, have been since 11 years of age & I cannot afford to buy “luxury” foods so those of us who flat-out choose not to work(most of them able to) & receive free “luxury” food off the backs of people like me simply do not deserve to be living with “luxury” options funded by people like me….the few of us that there are; simple really. I also think you should have to forfeit your right to vote until such time you’re off public assistance, as harsh as that may sound…too much conflict there, IMHO.

  16. kelli and debbie. i agree 100 percent….. whos going to tell little kids that they cant have a birthday cake… heres whats sad i basically make my kids the cake they want as there birthday present because sometimes s i don’t have cash to buy one so they get a special dinner and a cake. who wants to tell a child there not allowed to have cake..

  17. Kelli, I am sorry that you feel I show no empathy. Do you suppose that it is okay to Buy pre-made Easter Baskets, fancy cakes, lots of soda, Super Bowl pizza and wings, and so much more. Do you really see no problem with this being done, while others are the ones paying for it. It is not about lack of empathy, it is about being responsible for your family. When you see the same families abusing the system and crying that they need food from the pantry the third week of the month, there is something that is wrong here. There are people who truly need SNAP and there are others who abuse the system. I honestly feel it should be like the WIC program coupon system.

  18. I am seriously disappointed in Senator Ritchey. She is apparently just another GOP shill who is going to attack the poor because it is in fashion. What’s next, can i buy flour to make a cake? or sugar to make homemade cookies, what about rice, I might make rice pudding? Do you see the slippery slope here? Maybe a voucher for a generous amount of vegetables monthly and some education about what to do with it. Just because someone is poor does not mean they are abusing the system, or that they deserve to be lumped with those who do.

  19. It’s not about taking away cake from a kid. It’s about making parents be more responsible about what they can get from a program that is being supported by the working class. If any kind of change can take away some of the junk food they can get, then why not? There are legit people who need this program, but there is also a vast amount who are just too enabled by it. When you know there are 20-25 year olds that get SNAP, and these are able body young men then the abuse needs to stop.

  20. Just a point of order, many individuals/families (ie people with young children … children require nourishment regardless of the short term economic fate of their parents) who receive SNAP benefits do work, hard in many cases. They just don’t receive enough income to afford basic life necessities, things like food, shelter, so forth. As incomes for the rich have risen greatly, incomes for almost everyone else have stagnated or declined. All the issues Bernie Sanders talks about … the disappearance of the American Middle Class etc.

    Robert’s suggestions that citizens unable to perfectly support themselves through hard work and diligence (and good luck?) amid increasingly challenging economic times (what with the financial crisis of 2007/2008, the possibility of another Great Depression, the financial ruining of millions of lives … Robert and his friends still don’t find anything to complain about the capitalist system itself, just the substandard work ethic of individual citizens consciously choosing to take Robert’s money to have a little food. Robert also fails to consider all the luxuries for rich people funded with his tax dollars (and his “free” financial choices in the private economy in his dealings with banks, insurance companies, and so forth) .

  21. Have you ever gone to Garafolo’s in the first of the month – I was behind someone that bought $100 worth of subs, soda and chips. You can get a lot of food for $100. To buy just one meal – something is wrong and I bet they are the same people that are at the food pantry the rest of the month. As a taxpayer I am fed up watching them buy better food than I do

  22. Everyone complaining about not getting “snacks” for their children, give them an apple. I’m so tired of being in the groc. checkout behind a SNAP person, who has things like shrimp, T-Bones, chips, cookies, in that darn cart. I have chicken, ham slices, and two lbs. of ground beef. I get home and divide those packages so I’m able to get two meals out of each package. Thank You Ms. Ritchie it’s about time someone takes a stand on the abuse. From a Devoted Dem.

  23. Excellent legislation. Govt’s role is to be fiscal stewards of taxpayer $. I see no need to throw away my taxes so Jimmy or Jenny can eat steak, lobster, and a quart of Ben and Jerrys. Its appalling to see these folks eat frivelously then complain their stipend doesnt stretch far enough. If they want a treat, then divert the $ they spend on tobacco and get yourself junk food instead. I grow tired of hearing about the plight of some of these folks who complain about govt tightening their stipends but who are in fact employable and perfectly capable of stepping out of the SNAP program. Im cynical because Ive seen the system abused by relatives in the same manner the legislation seeks to rule out. Furthermore my spouse works retail and sees it wuite often first hand. It mystifies me to see perfectly manicured hands, well groomed hair, latest fashion, a newer car and then have the audacity to pull out your SNAP card?

  24. I am amazed at those who judge others because they are in need. How dare you state that it’s okay to tell others what they can and cannot eat? Do your politicians, paid with your tax dollars have to account for everything they spend on our dime? Do you approve their salaries, their purchases, and their perks? How many of you choose to eat only healthy foods from local producers and never indulge in treats now and then. And are any of your politicians on any level drug tested in order to receive their benefits paid for by the tax payers?

  25. Wow! Just freaking WOW! God forbid that a parent on SNAP should be able to buy their child a Birthday Cake and want to buy them ice cream to go with it. How dare they want to give a child a little joy in a life that is tough enough as it is.

    I’d bet a lot of the folks saying this is a good thing have no problem donating money to their church that goes into the building fund or the mortgage or to buy new carpet or a better sound system.

    Somehow I just don’t think Christ meant it to be this way.

  26. When it is the taxpayers money that they are using to buy their food – I feel I have the right to tell them what they can and can not purchase. I don’t choose to pay taxes I am forced to pay taxes so as long as they are taking money from my family to give to these folks to buy food I feel I do have a say in what they can and can not purchase. Thank you Senator Richie for doing this. Back in the old days all they got was ingredients to “make” food – this buying prepared food needs to STOP!

  27. So Wall Street, oil companies and other recipients of the far greater dollar amounts of corporate welfare should also forfeit their voting rights? If Wall Street’s illegal behavior ruined a middle class American’s life and that American is on SNAP it’s the individual citizen who should lose voting rights? I think some conservatives just need to unleash venom every so often and economically struggling people are the easiest, most vulnerable targets. If we rectify the inequalities capitalism has created over at least the past generation people wouldn’t need SNAP … but that’s hard work … corporations and their political allies do not cede power easily … and I guess the Ritchie supporters just want to keep on vilifying low income people. As this next presidential election is about to demonstrate, whether it’s Bernie or Hillary, the Republican Party is in decline nationally and these sorts of mean spirited policies and lines of “thought” are on their way out in America. If you’re a citizen you should maintain your voting rights regardless of your economic situation. Do the Koch brothers lose their voting rights for pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into the political process in support of right wing candidates?

  28. I’m so tired of hearing so many people against the people getting help. If you truly need help then you need help. Do you treat yourself to cookies, chips, steaks? My god, everyone treats them self, everyone buys what they want at least once in that month of buying groceries. There are many cases, that they abuse the system, but if truly need that help and they want cookies? Get cookies. Half of you that have to buy your own food, are obese as well, not just the ones to recieve help. Get over yourself. And the ones saying they hate standing behind the SNAP people, you know what, deal with it. We have to feed our families, as do you. I get looks all the time, but I work, and I could care less what you think! Stop worrying about everyone else, what others buy, what others are doing. Didn’t your mom ever tell you, worry about yourself!

  29. The politician are elected by the tax payers to stand up for the taxpayers – by doing this, they are doing exactly what the taxpayers paid for. Now lets see them quit rewarding those that are having more and more children to get more money – yes, I have heard that comment made – if we have another child we will get more money. O.K. you have one and you can’t afford it – o.k. sign up for assistance – the state needs to quit rewarding these people that are having four and five kids for more benefits. One and done – unless you of course can support your children.

  30. I think Senator Ritchie should also look into the programs cash back availability. I have witnessed people buying something for a couple of dollars and receiving $98 back. How is it right that the money to supposedly feed their family is taken out for other purposes.

  31. The whole system is broke. There are honestly hard working people who do get SNAP, as well as Senior Citizens who have worked all their life. What really irks me is the people who have kid after kid, get free medical, HEAP, SNAP and Cash assistance for year upon year. It was not meant to be a life style, and if these people are able to work they should be at least doing some community service for the services that they receive. I know young people who have not worked a day in their life, and they have truly never tried to. That is what is wrong, and when you see these young couples in line with two or three kids, and a cart full of junk it ticks you off! How about mandatory parenting/budgeting classes? or if they want their treats, then they get less cash? How about that?

  32. Its the old if you rely on someone else to support you, then they do have some control over what you do. “If you don’t like the rules I set, then move out and pay your own bills.” I can’t tell you how many times I heard that one growing up. Same thing here…If you don’t want someone telling you what you can and can’t eat, then make your own money and you can spend it any way you want! Do the more fortunate treat themselves with these luxury items??? Yes because they can afford to with the money that THEY EARNED, not with government money that came from our obnoxiously high taxes. This system was put in place for the purpose of survival, not treating oneself. Treat yourself on your own dollar, not mine.

  33. So people who work but still are eligible for Food Stamps are not going to be allowed to buy cake and ice cream for their child(ren) to have for their birthdays? Steak? Have you priced HAMBURGER lately?

    Price “healthy” food then price “junk” food. Price hamburger and the difference in cost by the leanest.
    I know someone who buys their kids Lunchables for meals. That should not be allowed. I can understand Lobster but seriously people, go to the store and price meats.

  34. As a taxpayer, I agree that a civilized society should have a social support system in place…but there has to be accountability. This stuff isn’t “free”, it’s forcibly taken from one group of citizens by the government and given to another. It’s meant to keep you alive, not to give the same standard of living that you could earn yourself. If you want a cake…buy flour, sugar, and eggs and make it. Don’t expect energy drinks, scallops, etc. Those items are privileges, not entitlements/rights or basic human needs. It’s selfish and immature to expect others to provide the life YOU want for you. Not to mention the longer term impact of increased Medicaid costs associated with sitting around and eating junk food, also footed by working folks. The system is important, but it’s not meant to be a comfortable free ride. The victim mentality and attitude of entitlement are why so many people are on the system in the first place. It’s selfish and ridiculous. If you want luxuries, get off the system as soon as you can and earn them. Leave the system for the elderly and disabled who truly need it long term.

  35. As someone on snap i would have to disagree with this bill i for one go to sav a lot to buy my food…i purchase alot of the 5 for 20 meat packages and most of the time there is not much to choose from and steaks just happen to be one of the items they are on the deal..does that mean i am buying a luxury item i think not..if this bill passes better call sav a lot tell them to no longer put steak on the 5 for 20 and really limit i choices of meat.

  36. AMEN Tim! If you want “steak or cookies” get a job. Are taxes need to stop going up and if this is the start of it – then let it be. Kudos to Pattie Richie for stepping up and doing something for the taxpayers that pay her salary. It is about time

  37. If “Tim” scrutinized the actual breakdown of where all his tax money went … would the pennies going to economically struggling people so they can purchase food really be the thing to focus on? No complaints with the Pentagon budget? No complaints with subsidies to huge profitable corporations? No complaints with the fact that the rich literally store trillions of untaxed dollars in Bermuda and the Cayman Islands?

    These arguments by hard working taxpayers against people receiving SNAP (often hard working taxpayers also) or making certain food purchases with SNAP are the reason the 1 Percent rules the country with such ease. Do the people arguing SNAP recipients shouldn’t eat lobster go into histrionics and post comments when the Pentagon spends far larger amounts on items literally nobody needs or uses? The amount of money spent on SNAP and similar programs is such a trivial amount when looked at in the full context of what tax dollars fund.

    “I don’t want my tax dollars funding ice cream and soda,” but I do want many more of my dollars to fund aggressive wars, to fund America’s empire of military bases, to subsidize oil companies, to bail out and in fact increase the power of Wall Street banks and financial institutions after they engaged in criminal activities requiring more people to receive SNAP?

  38. here come the food police…. this is america people can choose to eat well or not.
    When the moneys gone in the month… its gone.
    People can learn lesson on their own.

    Low income is not JAIL. You are not their keeper.


    NORTHERN OSWEGO COUNTY HEALTH INC… MONOPOLY that punishes the community.

  39. Person,

    I know exactly where my tax money goes. I have plenty of misgivings with corporate cronyism and with government waste. Social programs are not a “pennies”, especially in Oswego County. My property taxes are heavily inflated because of State mandated programs implemented by this County with no accountability. I contribute significantly to the system, I think I’ve earned the right to weigh in on how my money is spent. I take care of my own family, I don’t demand others do it for me. If there was proper accountability with entitlements, I’d gladly help take care of the elderly and the truly disabled. I’ll never agree that I should buy luxury items for anyone. I’ll also never understand how a mature self-aware adult could complain about minor constrictions on the free food, housing, and medical care they receive from others to keep their family alive. Interestingly, you’ll find that attitude much more pervasive in the recipients of entitlements than in any workplace.

  40. This lead story certain caused a fire storm. I started out saying, provide a voucher for some treats. Maybe food and other funded programs SHOULD have some guidelines.

    You know, forty years ago, I mentioned, I received food stamps and medicaid because my unemployment was only sufficient to pay for rent (and that was with two other roommates). However, we didn’t spend our money on junk food all the time, just an occasional treat. Never a steak, I bought fatty hamburger, and broke it down into what we now call something because you get three or four of them with different ingredients. THAT was the size of my protein that night, with one small baked potato, and some canned veggies. IF I got hungry later (and you would, too), I had a whole can of corn with cheapie margarine on it.

    The poor may purchase a bunch of goodies, but maybe that is the minority you are seeing. MOST of them don’t do this, I’d wager. They might buy boxes and boxes of macaroni, and bags and bags of potatoes, though. Fresh veggies were out of my budget until summer (shop local and they use to be cheaper, not so much anymore…just fresher).

    But, I DID have cakes we made (I believe the bill won’t allow you to buy sweets and mixes, either), with canned frosting. Ice cream, too, that cheapie stuff with three flavors that sort of like tasted of chocolate/strawberry/vanilla. I think the box was a dollar back then…and was a store brand.

    It’s so easy to judge others. I see more non-foodstamp folks buying junk. And have you ever seen the size of the garbage bags people bring int to recycle their sodas. NOW there is the obesity epidemic!!!

    IF the services had mandatory classes on nutrition, instead of outlawing certain foods, well, then maybe folks would change their ways. IF you are on a program, and your doctor says you need to lose 25-50 pounds, mandatory class required???SHow ’em how to stretch good foods. But don’t penalize them for a) not knowing how to make good food appealing, or b) not wanting what the rest of us want.

    Being poor is a burden that I suspect many of the critics, this story letter writers included, have never experienced. Being hungry is painful. And the pain can be temporarily extinguished, as we all know, but a quick fix like a candy bar, a bag of chips, or any other of the many, many advertised ‘goodies’ out there.

    I hope Ms. Richie’s staff people will bring this to her. Please listen. As I said before, The poor will always be with us.

  41. I think everybody is missing the point of luxury food here. I don’t consider luxury food as steak. What sends me is go to Garafolo’s at the beginning of the month and get behind someone buying a $100 dollars worth of soda, chips and subs….. To me that is abusing the system – go to price chopper and watch the folks there getting subs that cost them $150 and pay with it with their EBT card – have witnessed this first hand – used to work at price chopper. That is what is annoying to the taxpayers. Also annoying is listening to the 20 year old couple saying as soon as they have their third child they will get more money from Social services and that will help… To me that is abusing the system. As with Tim – lets help the elderly and the truly disabled not those that are capable of working but chose not to….. we live in a society of entitlement. Generations upon generations of those living off the system that is not what it is meant for – it was set up to be temporary help – not a life style.

  42. WOW ! WHAT OF BUNCH OF IGNORANT , JUDGE MENTAL AND IN-HUMANE PEOPLE. Do you really think that everyone on snap or EBT are all abusing the system.Well let me assure you they are not. There are people that just don’t get it and never will due to lack of education, mental impairment, drug and alcohol addiction ect… I worked my entire life and at times had 3 jobs. I had a great job with great benefits, got divorced, purchased a home got hurt a work a couple of years later. I AM ONE OF THOSE TAX PAYERS. MY SON AND MYSELF GET $17.00 A MONTH ON SNAP WOW. I have owned this house for 10 years. So when you (WENDY AND THE REST OF YOU PEOPLE THAT HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO ) see someone buying something YOU don’t think someone should be eating, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS AND TRY TO REMEMBER EVERYONE HAS THERE OWN PROBLEMS AND YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO JUDGE THEM. Before you know it all you inhumane people who have it so good (at least for now) will want the state to tell us where to buy our clothing and what style to where so we don’t offend anyone. Is it ok with you if I still spend cash to buy my son chicken nuggets or is that only ok if I force feed him and apple, an orange and 2 banana’s ,4 servings or veggies and 3or 4 dairy products first? I actually, when I can donate to the food pantry, and not just food but personal items like tp and soap and shampoo and tampons. When I could stand up with out a walker,I have voluntered at the soup kitchen. When is the last time any of you complainer have done that. ALL YOU PEOPLE COMPLAINING ABOUT THE FEW BAD APPLES THAT DO ACTUALLY DO ABUSE THE SYSTEM, YOU ARE JUST AS BAD AS THEY ARE. TAKE OFF THE BLINDERS AND HELP SOMEONE.

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