Ritchie Calls For Adoption Of CES That Protects Nuclear Power Plants

OSWEGO – State Senator Patty Ritchie today (July 12) voiced her support for a Public Service Commission proposal that would help protect New York State nuclear power plants, as well as the jobs and economic benefits they support.

Recently, the PSC announced the state’s new Clean Energy Standard, which has set a goal of achieving 50 percent renewable energy generation by 2030, if approved in August, would include annual investments of more than $480 million over the next 12 years in the form of zero-emission tax credits (ZEC) benefiting nuclear power plants.

“It’s important that our long-term energy plan promotes fuel diversity, system reliability, promotes Upstate’s economic development and protects energy consumers from price volatility,” Senator Ritchie said. “I’m hopeful that the PSC will move forward with approving this plan, which not only will help strengthen New York’s energy grid, but also will go a long way toward safeguarding the much-needed jobs, especially those at FitzPatrick and Nine Mile, and economic benefits our state’s nuclear plants support.”

In May, Senator Ritchie called for New York State to preserve nuclear energy and protect Upstate nuclear plants in a letter to the PSC, which was delivered as part of a public hearing held in Oswego on the Clean Energy Standard.

In addition to delivering comments to the PSC, Senator Ritchie also advocated for $100 million in the Senate’s one house budget that would help speed up proposed tax credits for renewable energy producers.

“This funding, which was intended as a bridge until the Clean Energy Standard was implemented, demonstrated the Senate Majority’s commitment, including the commitment of senators from across New York State who recognize how important the facility is to not only our region’s economy, but also our state’s economy, to saving FitzPatrick, and other facilities facing challenges, like Nine Mile,” said Senator Ritchie.

Senator Ritchie and Assemblyman Will Barclay also recently collected more than 4,000 signatures on a petition from individuals who wanted to show their support for FitzPatrick and Upstate nuclear energy jobs.

A Brattle Group report recently showed Upstate New York’s three nuclear energy power plants benefit the region, and the state, in a number of ways, including:

·         Adding $3.16 billion to the state’s gross domestic product;

·         Accounting for nearly 25,000 direct and indirect full time jobs;

·         Contributing $150 million in net state tax revenues annually, which benefits our local schools and other institutions; and

·         Reducing energy costs by $1.7 billion per-year.

July 18 is the deadline for public comment on the Clean Energy Standard.

Those wishing to submit feedback can do so at www.dps.ny.gov