Ritchie Calls On PSC To Preserve Nuclear Energy, Protect FitzPatrick

OSWEGO – State Senator Patty Ritchie called for New York State to preserve nuclear energy and protect the FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant in a letter to the Public Service Commission delivered as part of a public hearing held in Oswego on the PSC’s Clean Energy Standard, which has set a goal of the state achieving 50 percent renewable energy generation by 2030.

The letter, which was delivered to representatives of the commission at Tuesday’s public hearing, outlined the importance of nuclear energy to achieving New York’s Clean Energy Standard, as well as how critical FitzPatrick is to Central New York, and the state as a whole.

Accompanying Senator Ritchie’s letter were more than 4,000 signatures, from people in Central New York, as well as across the country, in support of the FitzPatrick.

“I am certain that over the course of your hearings, you will hear many reasons why clean energy is important to New York State. Here in Oswego however, it’s about more than clean energy, it’s about saving the FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant, a facility responsible for supporting 600 well-paying jobs, generating $18 million in property tax revenue annually and having an overall $500 million impact on our local economy every year,” said Senator Ritchie in her letter.

“Recently, I was proud to advocate for $100 million in the Senate’s one house budget that would help speed up proposed tax credits for renewable energy producers. This funding, which was intended as a bridge until the Clean Energy Standard was implemented, clearly shows the Senate Majority’s commitment, including the commitment of senators from across New York State who know how important the facility is to not only our region’s economy, but also our state’s economy, to protecting FitzPatrick,” she continued.

In her letter, Senator Ritchie also urged the commission to upgrade the state’s transmission system in an effort to allow Upstate energy to flow to power-starved communities downstate.

A copy of Senator Ritchie’s letter can be found on her website, www.ritchie.nysenate.gov.


  1. Thank you, Senator Ritchie, for standing up for nuclear energy, for the FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant, and for urging the commission to upgrade the state’s transmission system.

  2. Or:

    radical re-investment in new energy (and education … free local school districts from having to rely on the short term profitability of greedy corporations who come here because they don’t have to pay the taxes they should … free the region from having so few companies determine school budgets and the lives of middle class/working class people … recognize that the entire system of funding public education requires revolutionary upheaval)

    thousands of new jobs

    transition the nuclear people justly

    free the area from all the dangers inherent in nuclear power and build a newer, cleaner, better economy

    There is a conservatism to the entire “Preserve Nuclear Energy” program. It’s a backward looking notion. Clinging to several hundred jobs from a bygone era instead of boldly and progressively attacking the crisis of climate change, phasing out nuclear power (making the world safer for our kids and so forth), full employment creating the new economy and rebuilding/upgrading infrastructure/transportation.

    Saying how critical and indispensable these nuclear plants are is just propaganda. It serves elite interests to propagate that view.

    This community could easily transcend the loss of all the nuclear plants and emerge the better for it.

    Giving private energy corporations such crucial control of the economy is what we must change in this country. People should not have to beg and grovel to political and business elites to “save our jobs.” There are so many jobs that need doing. We can do those, Man. Don’t let em fool ya, and don’t let em scare ya. We can do better than to subjugate ourselves in this fashion any longer.

    In solidarity,

    Peace, Love, Bernie

  3. Thank you Senator Ritchie for your display of leadership in long-term energy supply and diversity for the people of New York. It is refreshing to hear your voice of leadership at this critical time!

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