Ritchie Delivers $100,000 To City Of Oswego

State Senator Patty Ritchie announces she has secured $100,000 to help the city of Oswego make upgrades to its park system, as well as its animal shelter.

A portion of the funds secured by Senator Ritchie will go toward covering costs associated with improvements to the city’s Shapiro and Breitbeck parks.

At Shapiro Park, upgrades included the addition of a pickleball court and the refurbishment of a playground.

At Breitbeck Park, one of the main improvements made was the cleanup of the Harbor Trail.

In recent years, this area by the water had become overgrown and unattractive.

Thanks to funding from Senator Ritchie, crews were able to clear brush and large rocks that had blocked the view from the trail.

In addition, funds were also used to create two overlooks, allowing more people to take in the beautiful views seen from this area of the city and to create new signage for both parks.

“One of the city of Oswego’s biggest assets is its waterfront and I’m pleased to play a role in giving more people—whether they are residents of the City or visitors—an opportunity to experience its beauty,” said Senator Ritchie. “Improvements to the Harbor Trail go hand-in-hand with those made at Shapiro Park. Thanks to investments in this area of the city, more people—and especially children—will be encouraged to get outside and get active. I’m excited to see how these changes help improve quality of life for those who live in Oswego.”

“Thanks to the assistance from Senator Patty Ritchie we were able to complete our Oswego Harbor Trail project and use the new trail to get more people to Oswego’s waterfront and finally take advantage of being a waterfront community,” said Mayor Billy Barlow. “Senator Ritchie also assisted with our improvements to Shapiro Park, including building a pickleball court, refurbishing the playground and new signage. These projects have both played a key part in revitalizing Oswego and contributed to our efforts to restore our parks, revive our neighborhoods and improve our waterfront. I appreciate the senator’s continued support and look forward to working together to do more of these projects in the future.”

Remaining funds will be used to make upgrades at the city’s animal shelter, including a new surgery room, as well as a fenced in area for the animals to run around and socialize.

The city hopes to begin work on the project soon.


  1. It would be nice to put that money into repairing more streets that benefits everyone instead of putting in more pickleball courts that is used by a few elite people only six months of the year. Clearing off the walk that few people use… they won’t be able to use them if they are wrecking their cars trying to get to them… come on politicians start spending my money on infrastructure not more parks. East First and Utica (the entrance to our city) has been in deplorable condition for many years. This money could have probably repaired this….

  2. THANK you, Patti R., you do look out for your constituents! Yes, to the fellow above, it would be nice to have money for everything, but some things are budgeted for ‘certain’ things and don’t cross budget lines. It’s wonderful that Senator Richie saw the need in OSWEGO, and not other places within her district! I’m certain the writer understands street maintance comes from city tax payers for the most part, so maybe raised taxes should go up to make sure we can do this each year. Most of us don’t enjoy higher taxes. Now that we have global warming, there is a lot more heat and then cold asphalt shifting that damages roads/sidewalks, etc. Constant cold is probably better, but we love the warmer shovel-free winters, don’t we?

    The Animal Shelter is in constant need due to poor pet ownership (often after cute puppyhood/or not neutering cats/dogs who have more kittens/puppies who are then abandoned…!), so that is great, too that some of the budget line went for that facility.

    Thank you once again, Senator Richie for thinking of us in Oswego!!!

  3. To Debbie E, I’m not saying not to give money to the places that the money is designated for I’m just saying we need to have priorities. Pickle ball and playgrounds shouldn’t be a priority with taxpayers money. We shouldn’t be raising taxes as many people and businesses are moving out of N.Y. we should be spending our money more wisely… as for the animal shelter? They could golf fundraisers to help offset the costs I’m sure they could raise lots of money because it well worth it…

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