Ritchie Encouraged by IJC Water Level Plan

State Senator Patty Ritchie says she’s encouraged by the progress of the International Joint Commission on a long-delayed plan for maintaining water levels in the Eastern Lake Ontario Basin and St. Lawrence River.

“The new plan appears to have gained the support of communities and interested groups from Buffalo and Rochester, as well as St. Lawrence River groups that traditionally have had conflicting goals,” said Senator Ritchie, in a letter she sent today to the IJC’s US Chair.

“But I still have concerns that representatives of our ports in Oswego and Ogdensburg may not be aware of the specifics of how the plan would impact their operations.”

Senator Ritchie cited, in particular, the important role that Oswego’s port plays in the local economy, noting that hundreds of jobs and local businesses depend on the port’s operation.

Senator Ritchie offered to broker a meeting between the Commission, other interested parties and port officials to gain their input, and insure that the final plan meets the needs both of protecting shipping interests, as well as recreational and environmental needs.