Ritchie, Oswego County Unveil Fight The Bite Video

EEE Found In Bird-Biting Mosquitoes

EEE Found In Bird-Biting Mosquitoes

In an effort to help protect people in Central New York from the deadly EEE virus, State Senator Patty Ritchie has teamed up with the Oswego County Department of Health and SUNY Oswego to create an educational video to teach the public about the dangers of EEE.

“When it comes to EEE, we can’t do enough to prevent and protect people from this deadly disease.  It’s my hope that this video will make more people aware of the dangers and teach them how to properly protect themselves and their loved ones,” she said. “Through recent tragedies, we’ve seen that our region is particularly susceptible to EEE and I’m proud to collaborate with the Oswego County Department of Health as well as SUNY Oswego to help fight the bite.”

Available at www.ritchie.nysenate.gov, the video, which was developed by the County Department of Health and produced by SUNY Oswego, was also distributed to schools across Oswego County.

The educational video is the latest in a series of initiatives made possible through nearly $1 million in special state funding secured by Senator Ritchie to assist with Oswego County’s battle against EEE.

Recently, funding has been used to help pay for increased EEE surveillance and spraying to eliminate infected mosquitoes, prevention messages and a special horse vaccination program.

Most recently, Senator Ritchie funded a waste tire collection program to remove roughly 10,000 used tires, which act as breeding ground for mosquitoes, from our region.

Senator Ritchie’s final Oswego County waste tire disposal event for the year took take place on June 14.