Ritchie Secures $50,000 For Fulton Recreational Improvements

FULTON, NY – State Senator Patty Ritchie has announced she has secured $50,000 to help the City of Fulton improve recreational opportunities at the city’s Recreation Park.

A portion of the capital funding will go towards the construction of a new playground with the remainder funding a kayak launch on Lake Neatahwanta.

“Whether they are for families or individuals, quality outdoor recreational opportunities are key to any strong community,” said Senator Ritchie. “I’m pleased to provide this funding, which will give children a safe place to play and also build upon efforts to revitalize Lake Neatahwanta.”

“Here in Fulton, we are continually striving to make our community a better place for those who live here,” said Kelley Weaver, a member of the nonprofit group Friends of Fulton Parks. “A big part of that is making sure there are family friendly opportunities for people to get outside and get active.  Our organization’s main goal is to increase the well-being of others by improving our local parks. We are truly grateful that Senator Ritchie recognizes how important parks are to enhancing local communities and we are thankful for her support.”

“Whether it’s on a playground or on our area’s lakes, our region offers fantastic opportunities for people to enjoy the outdoors,” said Parks and Recreation Superintendent Barry Ostrander. “We cannot thank Senator Ritchie enough for her support of these very important projects, which will each serve to improve the City of Fulton for its residents.”

This funding is Senator Ritchie’s most recent effort on behalf of the city of Fulton.  In August, she announced $200,000 to assist the city and the town of Granby with a project to dredge Lake Neatahwanta and make the lake usable again.

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