Ritchie Secures $84,000 For Music, Arts Programs

State Senator Patty Ritchie has announced she has secured $84,000 to help support music and arts programs in Central and Northern New York schools.

“Often times, when schools are forced to make cuts it’s programs like music and art that are the first to go,” said Senator Ritchie. “I know that these programs are an integral part of a child’s education; allowing them to develop and express their talents. I’m pleased to be able to provide this funding, which will go a long way towards ensuring that music and arts programs remain in our schools to offer students with the opportunities they deserve to learn and grow.”

School districts receiving funding include the following:

Hannibal Central School District: $10,000 for the district’s music program;

Sackets Harbor Central School District: $10,000 for the district’s music program;

Fulton City School District: $ 9,000 for the district’s music program;

Mexico Academy and Central School District: $2,500 for the district’s “Privilege Pass Program,” which allows students to attend enrichment programs or clubs at the end of the school day as well as $7,500 for school music programs; and

General Brown Central School District: $45,000 to help support a music teacher position, school music programs and the high school marching band

This special funding for schools represents Senator Ritchie’s most recent effort on behalf of students in the region she represents.

Recently, Senator Ritchie supported a new State Budget that included $20 million in new funding for schools in the 48th Senate District.

The overall education aid increase of $1.1 billion is the largest in at least five years, and nearly three times the increase originally proposed by the Governor for schools in the region.

Most recently, Senator Ritchie secured more than $50,000 to support high school marching bands throughout Central and Northern New York.