Ritchie: Senate Budget Includes $100 Million To Help Protect Nuclear Energy Jobs

support FitzPatrick

State Senator Patty Ritchie announced today (March 14) the state Senate has included $100 million in its new budget plan to help speed up proposed tax credits for renewable energy producers, a move that could help boost New York’s nuclear power industry and ultimately help save more than 600 jobs at Oswego County’s FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant.

Based on a tax credit plan outlined by the Public Service Commission for other types of renewable energy – like solar and wind – funding included in the Senate’s one house budget would provide immediate support for FitzPatrick, helping to make the continued operation of the plant more appealing to Entergy, the plant’s current owner, or a potential new operator.

“To say that FitzPatrick is a major part of Central New York is an understatement,” said Senator Ritchie. “In addition to providing jobs for more than 600 people in our region, the plant also has a roughly $500 million impact on our local economy annually. By including $100 million in the Senate’s spending plan to provide support for nuclear power, we’re sending a clear message of support for FitzPatrick, and its dedicated workers.”

“It’s great news that support for nuclear power was able to be included in the Senate’s one house budget,” said Assemblyman Will Barclay. “I would like to thank Senator Ritchie for her advocacy on this issue, as well as for her being a partner in the effort to fight back against the potential closure of FitzPatrick. We need to continue to work together in the coming weeks to ensure the Assembly and the Governor agree to this plan, which could help to save the plant, as well as the much-needed jobs it supports.”

Since Entergy announced in November its plans to close FitzPatrick, Senator Ritchie has worked alongside her colleagues in state government, local leaders and others concerned about the planned closure; trying to identify a way to keep the plan operational and protect the jobs and economic boost it provides for Central New York.

The new State Budget is due on April 1.

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  1. The state couldn’t make a profit at Fitz so they sold it,The new owners finally realized they couldn’t make a profit either. The state should have helped build New 345KV Lines and Infrastructure to Western New York
    but they didn’t. Let’s see if Cuomo’s Solar City works out .
    The Ship has sailed

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