Ritchie ‘Town Hall’ Draws 2,000 Oswego Residents

State Senator Patty Ritchie “met” with 2,000 Oswego County residents recently fielding their questions on a host of issues ranging from property taxes to school aid and EEE in a live town hall meeting conducted over the phone.

Over the course of an hour, Senator Ritchie discussed recent events in Albany, including adoption of the second on-time budget in as many years, a plan that avoided new taxes and reduced spending for the second year in a row, and her efforts to help Oswego County battle the EEE virus.

Callers also asked for advice and assistance on issues including business permits and drivers licenses.

“This ‘town hall’ gave me the chance to speak directly to thousands of Oswego County residents, share news and information, and listen to your ideas and concerns,” Sen. Ritchie said. “It also gave my constituents a valuable opportunity to find help for problems they face with government agencies.”

Senator Ritchie reminded callers that, in addition to the town hall, her office at the County Building in Oswego is staffed full-time and open during regular business hours.

The senator is also accessible through her web page, by email – at [email protected] – and on Facebook.