Ritchie Visits Town of Oswego To Check Out New Snowplow

OSWEGO TOWN – State Senator Patty Ritchie recently visited the Town of Oswego to check out its new snowplow, which was purchased using a $200,000 grant she secured for the municipality.

Senator Patty Ritchie is seen in front of the new snowplow with town of Oswego Highway Superintendent David Sterio.

The plow is a 2019 International, outfitted with Viking snow removal equipment critical to the town’s effort to keep roadways clean and people safe in the winter.

The town typically has five snowplows in rotation, but last year, a 20-year-old plow was removed due to mechanical issues and a severely rusted frame.

The town of Oswego often sees winter snowfall totals well above 200 inches, which are some of the highest totals in all of New York State.