Road Closure Due To Possible Oil Spill In Oswego


Erie Street is now re-open for vehicular traffic.

West Eighth Street between Erie and Niagara streets remains closed.

DPW crews have placed sand on the roadway to help absorb the spill.


OSWEGO, NY – Erie Street, from West Fifth Street to West Eighth Street, and West Eighth Street between Erie and Niagara streets in the city of Oswego are temporarily closed due to a possible oil spill.

Oswego City Police and Fire departments are on scene, advising that the roadways in those areas are extremely slippery, and motorists should avoid the area until the problem is mitigated.

It appears, from the way it is spread out, that it came from a vehicle going through the area, according to Capt. Michael Beckwith.

“You can’t really tell (it’s oil). It just looks like a wet road,” Beckwith said. “With the kids going to school at this time we want to be extra cautious.”

It’s uncertain when the roadway will be cleaned and reopened.