Rocky Warner Impressive Collecting Industrial Tire Of CNY Sportsman Championship At Fulton Speedway’s Outlaw 200 Weekend

FULTON, NY – Seventy cars signed in the pits for the $2,500 to-win Industrial Tire Of CNY Sportsman Shootout Championship on Saturday of the 29th Annual Sunoco Fulton Ethanol Facility Outlaw 200 Weekend presented by SUNY Canton.

It would take six heats, three consolations and two B-Mains to set the starting field for the exciting 50-Lap feature.

In the feature Rocky Warner started from mid-pack of the 30 car starting field methodically working his way to second place by lap 17. Once there Warner worked over race long leader Corey Barker before taking the top-spot on a lap 24 restart. Once out front Warner would first outrun Fulton regular and veteran Mike Button and then 2014 Fulton SUNY Canton Sportsman Champion Ron Davis III for the popular win.

Alan Fink out ran Corey Barker to lead the opening lap of the 50-Lap feature. Fink’s lead was short lived as Barker drove into the top spot on lap two.

With 10 Laps complete Barker and Mike Button were in a two car breakaway at the front of the field. Matt Pappa, Fink and Tony Finch II fought for second through fifth as they tried to keep the top two within sight.

On Lap 15 Barker and Button were still out front as Pappa started closing from third with Fink and Rocky Warner from 15th in fourth and fifth before they yellow waved.

On the restart Warner bolted from fifth to third and then on lap later grabbed the second spot to go after leader Barker.

A yellow on lap 23 would spell the difference in the race. When the green came back out Warner bolted around Barker and into the lead. Pappa and Button also got by Barker putting him in fourth.

At the halfway point Warner still showed the way over Button, Pappa, and Jeremy Pitcher from deep in the field and Track Champion Ron Davis III.

With 35 Laps showing on the tower, Warner was almost a straightaway ahead putting cars a lap down. Button, Pitcher, Davis and Pappa were still slugging it out in the top-five.

The final caution would wave on lap-39 erasing Warner’s lead and giving the field one last shot to take away the lead from Warner.

Over the remaining 11 Laps Davis would move into second and could get within two-three cars lengths of Warner but no closer as Warner was fist under the checkers.  Ron Davis III, Mike Button, Jack Meeks and Matt Pappa finished second through fifth. Corey Barker, Dave Marcuccilli, Earl Rudy, Todd Root and Kane Bristol completed the top ten

“We came here and drew 74 out of 80 and we kind of thought our week was over with seventy some cars in the pits,” Said a thrilled Rocky Warner after doing the roof dance on his West End Towing & Repair/RCT Roofing/Wendy’s/No.97 in victory lane.

Warner talked about the pass that gave him the lead and the win.

“I don’t know if he (Corey Barker) stumbled on the restart or what. He was real good on the bottom, he’s always a clean racer. I raced him clean and just followed him waiting for a mistake, he made a few and I couldn’t get by him. It was the restart that gave it to us.

Warner also related lapped traffic was tough with racing two and three wide. While racing traffic he was keeping an eye on the leader board to see where Dave Marcuccilli and Ron Davis III were running.

($2,500 TO-WIN INDUSTRIAL TIRE OF CNY SPORTSMAN SHOOTOUT 50 LAPS) – ROCKY WARNER, Ron Davis III, Mike Button, Jack Meeks, Matt Pappa, Corey Barker, Dave Marcuccilli, Earl Rudy, Todd Root, Kane Bristol, Jordan Bennett, Thomas Paige, James-Michael Friesen, Beth Schneider, Jeremy Pitcher, Alan Fink, Connor Cleveland, Joe Kline, Anthony Stockman, Jeremy Vunk, Bill Clark Jr., Kaven Poliquin, Jeff Stevenson, Brandon Ford, Danny Peebles, Tony Finch II, Kurtis Hohensheldt, Brian Pessolano, Chris Hulsizer, Mike Walton.

(LAP LEADERS) – Alan Fink – 1, Corey Barker 2-23, Rocky Warner 24-50.

ATOMIC SIGN WORKS – $800 Body Wrap – Jeff Stevenson.




(HEAT 1) – Corey Barker, Tony Finch II, Jeremy Pitcher, Mike Walton, Jason Parkhurst, Joe Kline, Tommy Paige, Gregg Carner, Chris Hulsizer, Ricky Yelle, Rocky Grosso, Tim Draper.

(HEAT 2) – Kurtis Hohensheldt, Anthony Stockham, James-Michael Friesen, Rick McCready, Bill Clark Jr., Randy Gates, James Carlson, Nick Krause, Colton Wilson, Greg Gould, DNS- Jamie Platt

(HEAT 3) – Ron Davis III, Alan Fink, Earl Rudy, Greg Kimball, Kevin Poliquin, JJ Courcy, Steve Abt,Jason Simmons, Glenn Forward, Jeff Stevenson, Jeff Hunter.

(HEAT 4) – Brandon Ford, Kane Bristol, Todd Root, Brian Pessolano, Taylor Lamb, Jeremy Dygert, Brenton Joy, Josh Keesey, Chris Thurston, Denny Peebels, George Dyer.

(HEAT 5) – Connor Cleveland, Rocky Warner, Dave Marcuccilli, Josh VanBrocklin, Mike Tayloe, Wade Chrisman, Joel Hargrave, Rocco Leone, Chris Schafer.

(HEAT 6) – Mike Button, Matt Pappa, Beth Schneider, Jeremy Vunk, Jack Meeks, Tim Baker, Nick Webb, Hilary Ward, Jordan Bennett, Tim Murphy.


(CONSI 1) – Jeremy Pitcher, Tommy Paige, Bill Clark Jr., Rick McCready, Joe Kline, James-Michael Friesen, Gregg Carner, Randy Gates, Ricky Yelle, James Carlson, Mike Walton, Jason Parkhurst, Chris Hulsizer, Colton Wilson, Rocky Grosso, Nick Krause, Tim Draper, Greg Gould.

(CONSI 2) – Todd Root, Kevin Poliquin, Jeff Stevenson, JJ Courcy, Denny Peebles, Brenton Joy, Chris Thurston, Taylor Lamb, Jason Simmons, Gregg Kimball, Jeremy Dygert, Chad Edwards, Steve Abt, George Dyer, Jeff Hunter, Josh Keesey.

(CONSI 3) – Dave Marcuccilli, Brian Pessolano, Jack Meeks, Rocco Leone, Wade Chrisman, Tim Baker, Mike Taylor, Chris Schafer, Hilary Ward, Joel Hargrave, Nick Webb.


(B-MAIN 1) – Billy Clark Jr., James-Michael Friesen, Jeff Stevenson, Mike Walton,Rocco Leone, JJ Courcy, Gregg Carner, Taylor Lamb, Wade Chrisman, Chris Thurston, Rocky Grosso, George Dyer, Hilary Ward, Chris Schafer, Jeremy Dygert, James Carlson, Jason Parkhurst, Nick Krause.

(B-MAIN 2) – Jack Meeks, Joe Kline, Denny Peebles, Chris Hulsizer, Greg Kimball, Rick McCready, Jason Simmons, Colton Walton, Greg Gould, Brenton Joy, Ricky Yelle, Randy Gates, Mike Taylor, Tim Draper, Tim Baker.