Roes, Way, Ingersoll, Ramos, Swem, and Burnash Take Thunder Alley Wins

Evans Mills, NY – Caprara’s Thunder Alley Speed Park hosted a night of regular racing on Saturday, May 22, 2010. Beautiful sunny skies showered down on the speedway located north of Watertown, NY. In racing action were the Super Stocks, Men’s and Ladies Trucks, Sports Compaq’s, Thunder Cars, and Thunder Stocks.


The Super Stocks kicked off the evening with their 20 lap feature event that was led to the green by Ben Van Tassel and John Van Tassel. Ben Van Tassel used the inside to his advantage to take the early lead while Keith Doxtater followed in suit using that bottom groove to slip into the second position. Ike Stone quickly made waves through the field as by lap three he was knocking on Van Tassel’s back door. It was a short two circuit’s later that Stone would find himself in command of the 14 car field. Stone’s lead would be short lived as Mike Ramos quickly followed Ike Stone’s pursuit and put his number 09 car at the front of the field. Ike Stone would make many attempts at Mike Ramos but would be unsuccessful as Mike Ramos would collect the win over Ike Stone and Keith Doxtater.

The Sport Compaq’s were up next on the docket for their 15 lap feature that was led to the green by Nate Plantz and Chuck Powelczuk. Plantz used the familiar lower groove to place himself at the
front of the field. Scott Schafer would follow Plantz and move into position number two while Tim Ingersoll would climb into third. Nate Plantz and Scott Schafer would wage a heavy battle for the lead
with Plantz showing an early victory. On lap number 8, Scott Schafer moved to the front of the field, and gave Tim Ingersoll the opportunity to move into second. Ingersoll would only stay behind Shafer for four laps before he would move into the lead and take the win. Tim Ingersoll took the checkers over Scott Schafer and Nate Plantz.

The Men’s Truck was lead to green by Matt Larrivee and David Carlisle. Carlisle used the high side to his advantage and powered around Larrivee for the lead. Greg Roes who started in the fourth
position, moved into the second position and then quickly to the lead by lap number three. Greg Roes would fend off battles from David Carlisle and Matt Larrivee to pick up his second win in a row at
Thunder Alley in 2010.

The Thunder Car’s were led to the green by Dan Way and Bill Brock. Dan Way used the power in his number 7 machine to put him at the front of the field. Bill Brock would quickly follow in suit. Mike
Blair, who started in the fourth position, quickly moved in to take the third spot while Nick and Jeff Trapp would battle back and forth and occupy the fourth and fifth positions. The field would run nose to
tail for the majority of the race, with any attempts at changes in position resulting in unsuccessful attempts. Dan Way claimed victory over Bill Brock and Mike Blair.

The Thunder Stocks were led to the green flag by Dalton Rombough and Jack White. Rombough quickly took the lead on the field with Dan Swem falling into second. Dan Swem used the outside of the
speedway to move around Dalton Rombough to take the lead by lap number two. Dalton Rombough would defend the second position from Eric Preston who was continually knocking on Rombough’s back door. As the checkered dropped, Dan Swem collected the win over Dalton Rombough and Eric Preston.

Brittany Schroy and Jenn Burnash led the Ladies Truck division to the green flag in their 10 lap feature event. Jenn Burnash used that powerful outside to move around Brittany Schroy to take the
lead. Nichole Rombough followed Burnash’s pattern and also moved around Brittany Schroy to take the second position. As the checkered dropped, Jenn Burnash collected the win over Nichole Rombough and Brittany Schroy.

Thunder Alley will continue racing action on Saturday, May 29, 2010. In racing action will be all regular divisions plus the open wheels. Complete information on the tracks 2010 schedule can be found
on the tracks website, www.thunderalleyspeedpark.com. Information on rules, sponsorship or scheduling can be directed to the tracks General Manager Greg Smith at (315) 629-4356.

Quick Results

Men’s Truck (15 Laps) – Greg Roes, Matt Larrive, David Carlisle, Randy Mooney, Zach Strough, Dustin Van Tassel, Jeremy Devoy, Chris Randall (DNS)

Thunder Car (15 Laps) – Dan Way, Bill Brock, Mike Blair, Jeff Trapp, Nick Trapp, Chuck Monica, Don Woodworth, Craig McGhee, Ashley Fifield (DNS)

Sports Compact (15 Laps) – Tim Ingersoll, Scott Schafer, Nate Plantz, Chuck Powelczuk, Rudy Widrick, Tim Dunn, Dan Swem, Nick Stokes

Super Stocks (20 Laps)– Mike Ramos, Ike Stone, Keith Doxtater, Scott Dinzler, John Van Tassel, Todd Rhodes, Dennis Petrus, Lou Higby, Jim Seigel, Jason Dinzler, Rich Contryman, Ben Van Tassel, Randy Widrick, Randy Burnell

Thunder Stocks (12 Laps) – Dan Swem, Dalton Rombough, Eric Preston, Brittany Durham, Jack White, Dustin Rogers

Women’s Truck (10 Laps) – Jenn Burnash, Nichole Rombough, Brittany Schroy, Tiassa Hardy (DNS)