Roller Derby Event Part of Harborfest Week

Submitted by Harborfest

Oswego, NY – Harborfest week just got a little more exciting and unique as the Triple-D (Derby, Down and Dirty) 2011 extravaganza will take place at Crisafulli Ice Arena during the same week of Harborfest. The 3-day Flat Track Roller Derby event, in which derby skaters compete for cash prizes for their home leagues or favorite charity, will be held Friday, July 29-Sunday, July 31.

“We are pleased that new and unique event such as roller derby will be in town the same week as Harborfest,” said Executive Director Tom Van Schaack. “The event will bring in fans of roller derby that may not necessarily have been in town for Harborfest and give not only their fan base a chance to experience Harborfest, but Harborfest patrons will also get a chance to experience something new during Harborfest week.”

The Triple-D 2011 will be hosted locally by Oz Roller Girls, a flat track derby league in Oswego. Men’s, Women’s and Junior league Flat Track Roller Derby scrimmages will be held daily as part of Triple-D 2011. The event will also feature a wide variety of vendors from derby-wear and gear to tee shirts, local artistry and photo opportunities with derby players.

“We’re excited to be able to host this event during Harborfest week,” said Victoria Usherwood Gailinas. “We expect the combination of the popularity of Harborfest and the new and uniqueness Triple-D 2011 offers to bring more people to into our community to experience what Oswego has to offer.

The Oz Roller Girls will have home bouts at Crisafulli Ice Arena April 23, may 14 and June 11 preceding Triple-D 2011. For more information visit their web site at or

Slated for July 28-31, the 2011 edition of Harborfest will feature plenty of food, fun and entertainment as venues on both Oswego’s east and west sides will be used to deliver the excitement. For all the happenings having to do with Harborfest, visit the Harborfest web site at