Roman Announces Bid for Full term as Oswego County Court Judge

Oswego County Court Judge David J. Roman today announced he will run this fall for a full ten year term in the position he was recently appointed to by both Democrats and Republicans in the New York State Senate. Judge Roman was unanimously voted to fill the County Court vacancy following selection by the Non-Partisan Judicial Screening Committee and a recommendation from Governor David Paterson.

“Today, I am announcing my candidacy for the position of Oswego County Court Judge for a full ten year term in the general election to be held this November 2nd, 2010,” said Hon. David J. Roman, who was appointed to the post on May 4th. “In my twenty years of service as Oswego County Family Court Judge, I was pleased to have the support of both major parties when I sought election to that post.”

Judge Roman added: “It is my intention to seek the nomination of all major parties in my quest to continue to serve the people of Oswego County as their County Court Judge. As a Judge, you realize that there is no Republican or Democratic way to decide cases and to serve the people.”

In a letter to the Chairs of the major county parties, Judge Roman stressed his qualifications and dedication to non-partisan service in his quest to seek the support of each party’s membership.

“I seek this office not as a member of any political party but as a partisan for the people of Oswego County who deserve a fair and independent judicial arbiter. My allegiance is to the citizens of Oswego County of all political persuasions,” he wrote in his letter to the chairs.

Judge Roman served two terms as Oswego County Court Judge from 1988 to 2008, and lost his bid for re-election in a Republican primary. As a result, he was denied a ballot line in the general election. Roman vowed to not let that happen again this year.

“Being a jurist requires independence of thought, and devotion and dedication to the principles of law and fairness to all, regardless of political affiliation,” said Judge Roman. “It is my desire to continue to serve in that spirit and to be on the ballot this November 2nd, whether on a single line or hopefully on multiple lines.”

Judge Roman not only served as Oswego County Family Court Judge but during several of those years he served as an Acting Justice of the Supreme Court, presiding over the Integrated Domestic Violence Court in Oswego County, and handled hundreds of both civil and criminal cases.

Judge Roman is a Past President of the New York State Family Court Judges’ Association, which in 2009, named him Family Court Judge of the Year.

Judge Roman has served for over 13 years on the New York State Advisory Committee on Judicial Ethics, and has been President of the Oswego County Bar Association and the Oswego YMCA Board of Directors. He received his Bachelor of Science from Cornell University in 1973 and earned a J.D. from Albany Law School in 1976.