Rotarians Hear About Advance Care Planning

FULTON – Rotarian Mary Costigan, director of Michaud Health Care Services, introduced Dr. Renate Ignacio, medical director for St. Luke’s and Michaud Health Care Services facilities, at a recent Fulton Noon Rotary Club meeting.

Mary Costigan and Dr. Renate Ignacio
Mary Costigan and Dr. Renate Ignacio

Dr. Ignacio spoke about Advance Care Planning for our End of Life/Palliative Care.

His work in the nursing home industry points out the need for people to make up their mind about how and what end of life treatment they want, and who should be your proxy, much earlier then the time that they arrive at the hospital or nursing home.

These decisions should be thought out carefully years earlier while a person is in good health and mind.

Thanks to Dr. Ignacio the trend is changing.

He is the chairman of a nationwide committee to change how and when we make those decisions.

His group has developed a four-page document entitled, “Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment” (MOLST).

The Department of Health in New York State provides MOLST as DOH Form 5003 and the bright pink form should be available in every medical and doctor’s offices.

Dr. Ignacio’s advice is for everyone to obtain a copy of this new medical proxy, fill it out, and have it available long before it is needed.