Rotarians Hear About County Literacy Volunteers Program

FULTON, NY – Bridgette Seguin introduced Meg Henderson, Literacy Volunteers program coordinator, to the Fulton Noon Rotary Club at a recent meeting.

Henderson gave the Rotarians an update on the activities of the Literacy Volunteers program.

Bridgette Seguin, left, and Meg Henderson
Bridgette Seguin, left, and Meg Henderson

The Oswego County Literacy Volunteers program joined the Oswego County Opportunities Education Department earlier this year.

LVP has 60 students and 45 tutors at present.

There is always a need for more tutors.

The student load can be higher than 60.

LVP is a one on one program of teaching reading to adults who read below the 8th grade level.

About 15% of all adults in Oswego County fall into this range of reading skills.

The tutors and students meet in the local libraries in the evening once a week.

New tutors must attend a one-hour orientation session, followed by nine hours of instruction in teaching reading on a one to one basis.

The students may be foreign born and need to learn to read well enough to pass their Naturalization Test.

Some students need to learn to read for their employment, to assist their children in their school work and for preparation to enter school themselves.

Anyone desiring further information on being a student or a tutor, can contact Henderson at 342-8839.