Rotarians Hear About E911

FULTON, NY – Rotarian Tom Abelgore introduced Mike Allen, director of Oswego County E911.

Allen said that E911 opened in November 1997 and he has been the director for the past eight years.

Mike Allen and Tom Abelgore, right
Mike Allen and Tom Abelgore, right

He told the Rotarians that the Oswego County Center received 196,000 calls this past year.

About 140,000 of the calls needed emergency action.

With the increased use of mobile phones, less than one half of the calls are from land lines.

The E911 operators have changed their greeting to, “Where are you calling from.”

89% of the calls are answered within 10 seconds.

Most of the 44 E911 operators are college educated, but extensive and continuous training is required for all employees.

Allen sends out a questionaire each day, to  one of the customers from that day, to check on how they are doing.

The new radio system has 17 towers and is covering more than 95% of Oswego County.

In New York State, all E911 systems have the same radio frequency, so out-of-county calls are common.

The website is www.co.oswego.ny.us/911