Rotarians Hear About Food Programs

Brandi Runge, Don Ross, Angela Smith
Brandi Runge, Don Ross, Angela Smith

Recently, the Fulton Rotary Club learned about two programs sponsored by Catholic Charities of Oswego County. Rotarian Don Ross, introduced Brandi Runge, Assistant Emergency Services Coordinator.

Brandi told the Rotarians about the emergency services they offer, including the Food Pantry, Clothing Store, and help with prescription refills. Catholic Charities obtain much of their clothing inventory from Walmart as well as personal donations. The food comes from the Food Bank of Central NY as well as personal donations. The food the service clubs collect through our food for thought program goes toward their food pantry as well. Families in need can purchase food packets valued at approximately $45 for a very discounted price of $15.50 which includes most food staples.

Angela Smith spoke about NOEP – the Nutrition Outreach and Education Program, which helps link people with ways to stretch their food dollars, such as food stamps. Angela tries to educate people about the program while getting rid of the stigma placed on food stamp recipients. This year NOEP has seen more working families requesting help to provide food for their families. The NOEP is an entitlement program conducted by the United States Department of Agriculture. The program is designed to provide all Americans with a proper diet. Anyone interested in learning more about these supplemental food programs may call Catholic Charities at 598-3980.