Rotarians Hear About Fulton School Budget

FULTON, NY – Charisse Kidd, president of the Fulton Noon Rotary Club, thanked Rotarian William Lynch for his presentation on how a school budget is developed and what it means in educational outcomes for our students.

Charrise Kidd and William Lynch
Charrise Kidd and William Lynch

Superintendent of Schools Lynch explained how and why it costs so much for a community like ours to educate our students.

Bill did a brief, but thorough job in explaining how the school district budget of more than $65 million is developed, approved by the board of education and presented to the public for vote.

The anticipated increase in our tax rate will average only about 1.33% this year, depending on final assessments.

Superintendent Lynch reminded us that the annual school election will be held on Tuesday.

We will vote on two school board members as well as the budget.

Mark your calendars and vote on May 21.