Rotarians Hear About Internship In Uganda

FULTON, NY – Rotarian Merrill Hoffman introduced his grandson, Ian Giovannetti, to the Fulton Noon Rotary Club.

Ian is a junior at Champlain College in Vermont.

Merrill Hoffman, left, and grandson Ian Giovannetti
Merrill Hoffman, left, and grandson Ian Giovannetti

He recently did a month’s internship at Malayaka House in Uganda.

Malayaka House was started by and maintained by Robert Fleming.

They take in unwanted or uncared for children.

They have 30 preteens, 6 teens, and 16 volunteers.

Most of them live in the compound.

Auntys are hired help to support the compound and interact with the kids.

It is one of the “higher” paying jobs in Uganda.

The goal is to develop self sustaining skills ie. pizza business, farming, jewelry making etc.

Ian discussed the various cultural differences that he experienced during his internship.