Rotarians Hear About Port

FULTON, NY – Program chairperson  Nancy Ellis introduced Jonathan Daniels, executive director of the Port of Oswego Authority, at a recent meeting of the Fulton Rotary Club.

Daniels has been with the Port Authority of Oswego for 6 years.

Jonathan Daniels and Nancy Kush Ellis
Jonathan Daniels and Nancy Kush Ellis

His prior experience includes a port in Easton, Maine, and Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Daniels noted that Oswego is the oldest deep water, fresh water port in the US.

It was commissioned in 1795.

By 1870, it was the largest lumber port on the Great Lakes.

In 1955 the state mandated a modernization of the port on the sast side of the Oswego River.

The new modern facility  opened in 1963.

Primary goods were grains, coca beans, and dry products for the brewery in Rochester.

By 2000, the primary work was the movement of material for windmill farms.

At the time of the current director’s coming to the port, they were shipping 1 million tons a year, serving 20 deep draft ships and working with 17-18 companies.

Daniels reported that the future is bright for the port in Oswego.

Novelis is expanding.

Additionally, there are 9-10 other aluminum companies trading at the port.

Annual  tonnage has gone from 30,000 – 40,000 to 100,000 and very shortly it is expected to reach 550,000 tons.

The Port Authority is buying property to expand both storage and for expansion of its transportation systems.

They will be developing rail off loading capabilities as well as expanding trucking loading and unloading systems.

The current employment level is 15 full-time and  50 longshoremen.

The authority earns $42 million with $13 million in state and federal taxes.

$1.3 billion in product moves through the port each year.

The Port Authority also owns marinas, a towing and salvage business, as well as, ownership of the H. White Maritime Museum and tug boat.

Current payroll is $1 million.

All in all, Central New York has a nice little port at the end of the street.